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News: 15th November 2004

Cast Birthdays!

This week Ryan Runciman and Vicky Rodewyk celebrate birthdays. Vicky will turn 16 on 20th November and Ryan will be 22 on 22nd November. We hope they both have a fantastic day! You can send your birthday wishes to and

Latest Tribe 6 update and DVD news
Cloud 9 is still trying to bring Tribe 6 to the screens but would like to remind fans that this is dependant on broadcasters. Cloud 9 will continue to update fans as and when there is news.

Cloud 9 has also devised a sequel to The Tribe so fans should watch this space because there could be more tribal happenings as Deep Space Nine re the Star Trek Franchise.

Also in response to many fan requests Cloud 9 is trying to bring the Tribe DVD release forward but again these decisions are taken by distributors. A petition has been set up by fans of The Tribe and you are invited to sign it – here is the link – Tribe DVD Petition