Lex – Part 2

Lex had the confidence of his father and was not at all shy. At pre-school he had all the girls wanting to be his best friend. He even had a little wedding in the sandpit to his childhood friend, Zandra. Even the teachers thought he was just such a lovely little boy.

But when Lex started to attend school the teachers became increasingly worried about him. He would refuse to recite his alphabet, read books or even listen to the teachers. Tim and Rose were worried and spared no expense getting a diagnosis from specialists. Some said he had ADD (attention deficit disorder) and others thought he might be dyslexic.

In the end it was decided he had Dyslexia. The symptoms similar to ADD were brought about by the fact that the dyslexia was causing him problems and because he wasn’t reading or writing he just wasn’t interested.

Tim and Rose decided that Rose would do extra work with him after school and the teachers now knew what was going on and could help Lex through the work he needed help with.

In the end it didn’t affect Lex too much and he managed to get by. Rose would read to him every night and send him off into a blissful sleep, dreaming of pixies, elves and giant chocolate trees.

He struggled through school but with a certain amount of charm and his oozing confidence he managed to work his way through.

Tim had suggested he join some acting classes knowing that Lex was more into creativeness than academics. And what better than to follow in your parents footsteps.

So Lex joined the local theatre when he was 11 and revelled in the spotlight. He would often clinch the main role and even won the “Best New Talent” at the local Theatre Awards when he was 13.

He had lots of friends and even more girlfriends. He had the latest computer, the best games, the charm, the bad boy within…

But with all his confidence he was becoming arrogant. He would get angry and snappy with everyone if he didn’t get the main role in a play and he would be-little the other actors if they messed up a line. He started dating all the lead girls and ended up causing broken hearts all over the city. Parents were ringing Tim and Rose with young girls crying in the background. And other parents were accusing Lex of bullying other kids so that they wouldn’t get the main parts in the plays.

Tim and Rose were realising that Lex was perhaps too spoilt. Or perhaps he was hanging out with the wrong crowd. They couldn’t help feeling it was their fault. Had they not spent enough time with him? Should they have had more kids so he had brothers and sisters to play with? Did they really spoil him too much?