Pretribe: Families

PATSY AND PAUL – Two ‘lost’ young children after the virus struck. They had been sheltered from the damaging outside world although were very young to be separated from their close knit family. Patsy was very outspoken from a young age but at the same time was successful in school. She was the domineering sibling and always spoke for Paul who could actually communicate quite well himself. But they helped each other through the tough times in life so when the virus struck they were able to cope together.

BRAY/MARTIN AND PARENTS – Very tight knit family. Bray was the popular all round ‘hero’ at school and managed to be successful at anything he did, whereas Martin continued to struggle even though he would be working hard. Martin was always living in Brays shadow as their parents continually saw Bray as the successful child of theirs and Martin resented Bray for this. They were devastated by death of their parents and as such neither got over it and coped in their own ways, Martin by his anger and revenge and continuing ‘Power & Chaos’ and Bray by his survival and ‘make the most of a bad situation’ nature.

TRUDY – Mature beyond her years since the birth of Brady. She had been a sensible quiet girl at school. Came from a well off family which can be judged by the affluent neighbourhood in which she lived. Loved her parents dearly and was insistent on staying at the house right to the last minute when the evacuation announcements were being made. They were trying to protect her from the mean outside world. When it came to brothers Bray and Martin she was overcome by emotions. She was in lust for Bray, the ‘man’ of the two, but settles for second best with Martin. She had known them for years, especially Martin but was becoming concerned at his weird and somewhat obsessive behaviour, and rightly so it seems.


EBONY – (the new girl in town) A really self confident young girl in her approach, particularly as she started a new school. She knew what she wanted and there was no way she was going to let anything get in her way. Even before the virus she was devious, conniving and lyed in order to get her own way or make others believe her. This continued throughout her life in an even more evident way. A fine example of her deceifulness is when she made Amber believe her and Bray had had a baby! Who will ever forget that?

JACK – had always been a curious character, from an early age preferred to make and invent things rather than spend time couped up in a classroom learning facts and figures. Perhaps came from a less well off family as he was content with making his own fun instead of spending a lot of money on buying expensive equipment. Was the first one to claim the mall as a suitable homely location since his dad had owned the electric shop and so has a lot of initiative and at time cheekiness!

AMBER – Was a very streetwise young lady. She had been brought up well by a loving family and knew good values in life, at the same time knew how to survive in a vicious screwed up world. Prior to the virus she was an ‘A’ student at school, and had enjoyed involvement in many extra curricular activities. Along with her intelligence she was a fantastically popular girl both in and out of school. An angelic child for any family one would say?


BOB – was the family pet of Patsy and Paul and their family. They were left to look after each other when their parents died from the virus. It was good for their parents to know that they would both look after each other and Bob was there as an extra protector.