Name Paul Series Series 1 Tribe The Mallrats Biography Profoundly deaf, Paul signs to communicate. He has an increased awareness of vibes around him, which others can often miss. Though his disability can tend to isolate him, Paul’s ability to cope is often inspirational. He shares a strong sense of mischief with his sister. Cast … Continue reading Paul

Patsy and Paul – Part 2

Supper was a fondue that night, Paul’s favourite. He loved dipping the bread and meat into the thick gloopy cheese sauce. Martha was in a good mood. Andrew had phoned earlier to say that he and Penny had arrived home safely and that Penny had perked up a bit on the drive. Martha was glad … Continue reading Patsy and Paul – Part 2

Pretribe: Parents

Throughout the Tribe we very rarely hear about the children’s parents, many of which held important positions in the community before the virus outbreak. The children concentrated more on survival and life skills so that they could survive in the new world without the adults, of whom they had relied on for so long. But … Continue reading Pretribe: Parents

Pretribe: Families

PATSY AND PAUL – Two ‘lost’ young children after the virus struck. They had been sheltered from the damaging outside world although were very young to be separated from their close knit family. Patsy was very outspoken from a young age but at the same time was successful in school. She was the domineering sibling … Continue reading Pretribe: Families

Pretribe: Mysteries – Where did Paul go?

Something spectacular was lost the day that Paul disappeared. His absence went nearly unnoticed by the rest of the Mallrats as Ebony commanded attention and chaos erupted. But his smile, the simple, steady gaze and angelic, happy calm….it had an uplifting, cleansing power that shone through all of the self-pity and despair that surrounded him., … Continue reading Pretribe: Mysteries – Where did Paul go?