Pretribe: The Past Affecting The Future – Part 5

From a young age Ram was influenced by his father and his father’s profession. He would often accompany his father to work and watch him working on top secret experiments.

His father was into integrating computer technology with biology and with this came Virtual Reality. The military wanted computers to be able to hook into the mind’s subconscious.

The long term goals were to help pilots learn how to fly and to fly dangerous missions from the comfort of a VR machine. They could be put into all sorts of situations – not just flying – and their ability, focus and mental alertness could be monitored.

Ram’s father was devoted to the project but also saw another use for the technology. He realised that people could live their dreams within the VR world. There was no limit to what the world of virtual reality could bring to someone’s life.

Ram wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps which was why his father involved him so much. Ram enjoyed going to his fathers military base and felt important that his father had so much faith in him.

The miltary were also working on laser prototypes. These new-age weapons were supposed to be the weapon of the future. The wrist mounted lasers had high and low settings to suit the occasion of using them. With one hit you could disable someone and with another you could render them lifeless.

A sound weapon was also made – but not quite finished. This weapon “the sound blaster” was to be used on large groups. A 30 second burst from this machine and everyone within hearing distance would have their eardrums turning inside out putting them off balance and squirming in pain. Of course the Techno’s are protected from this with a micro-filter placed in their ears.

When the virus struck, Ram believed these weapons still had a future. He worked hard on developing and finishing them off. They have become the weapons of the Techno’s.

Ram’s virtual world was still in the making and was going to be perfect when he had finished with it.

After the virus Ram knew he was destined to be a leader. He recruited the top kids in his school. They were all top of their class in science, maths, computers, biology, and chemistry.

He knew he could make a difference if he could get the power.