Pretribe: The Past Affecting The Future – Part 4

Before the virus there was a happy everyday suburban family. They were very affluent, and doing well. The father was involved in the military and he was a very successful scientist who pioneered many different innovations.

They were a busy working class family and both parents were often away from home. Their young boy was often quite lonely because his mum was also a career woman.

When the boy was young he was struck by an illnesss which left his parents distraught. They thought it was Polio or MS or even Parkinsons. So the poor child was barely able to walk and ended up confined in a wheelchair where he dreamed of a different future for himself. He would fantasise day and night about being able to walk again.

The child had lots of time on his hands due to his disability and became very interested in his fathers knowledge of technology. Due to his father’s equipment and contacts the boy had some amazing computer gadgets and equipment to play with and much preferred these over cars and bikes.

His true potential became apparent to all as he was clearly a childhood prodigy. A genius like his father and his I.Q was off the scale.

The boy hoped to use the power of technology and computers to improve his dibilitating condition. He dreamed of inventing a virtual world he could visit.

He couldn’t walk in the real world but in his virtual world he could run like an olympic athlete, and soar like an eagle.

This boy is Ram.

When the virus hit he was traumatised at losing his family – he had to learn to be ruthless. He would have to use all his genius and gifts to survive as a wheelchair bound kid in a world with no adults to help him.

Where other kids would use their street guile, physical size and strength to help defend themselves in a hostile new world, Ram had only his mind.

Regarded as a visionary by many – they saw he had the potential to lift society out of its return to primitive laws of the jungle and transform it into a high tech stable and radical future.

Ram’s dream was to turn Science fiction into Science fact.

With the techology he knew, he could indeed make miracles – he could make the lame, walk. Ram regarded himself as a Techno messiah of the future.

His computers would let him do anything he wished to achieve.