Pretribe: Love Affecting The Future – Part 3

Events or things from the past can sometimes leave their mark on the present or affect the future…

This third “The Past Affecting the Future” Pre-Tribe article looks at how love has affected some of the people in The Tribe and what part it may play in their future.

Trudy has liked Bray from the moment she saw him. She fell for him hook, line and sinker when they met at school. Bray had charisma and good looks but he was also an all round nice guy too. He was a real gentlemen and he really appealed to Trudy.

Bray liked Trudy too but he was never as smitten with her as she was with him. Though their romance never blossomed there was always something between them.

As time has gone on and especially thoroughout series three it seems that Trudy has come to face facts that her and Bray will never be together. But could dormant love be rekindled?

As in the previous article Jay met the love of his life at school. They were in the same year and they had similar thoughts on life. She was innocent, good natured and kind to others much like Jay himself.

But unfortunately she died and Jay was devasted. He couldn’t imagine ever loving anyone again. No one could have the same qualities he was looking for. But fate has a funny way of changing our minds. Will Jay ever love again?

Ebony thought Bray to be handsome, principled and independent and liked him instantly when she set eyes on him – and she’s been chasing him ever since. Ebony loves a challenge and Bray seemed the perfect goal.

Bray didn’t like Ebony at first but using her powers or persuasion – be they honest or devious – she managed to bring him around for a short time.

It never worked out and Ebony was never to have Bray again – although it didn’t stop her trying. Bray and Ebony are chalk and cheese. They don’t share the same interests, dreams and hopes for the future.

But now that Bray has disappeared what will happen to Ebony’s love? Will she finally accept that she cannot have Bray and will she ever be able to love again?

Fate plays a big role in love. If you happen to meet someone in the street then maybe it was fate that brought you together. But fate can work the other way – if you’re hurt by someone over and over again then maybe fate is telling you to move on and find someone that won’t hurt you.

Fate has played a role in Tribal love too. So what does fate have in store for the love in Series 4?