Pretribe: The Past Affecting The Future Part 2

Events or things from the past can sometimes leave their mark on the present or affect the future…

This second “The Past Affecting the Future” Pre-Tribe article looks at how one element of JAY from Tribe 4’s past affects him each day and may shape his future

Jay, like others in The Tribe, has been through a great deal in his life. The virus changed the world upside down – with no adults, it was up to the teens and kids to create a New World and determine their own future. Jay was caught up in the changing times and experienced many dangers and challenges.

One thing haunts Jay – it is an event in his past that he cannot forget – and he doesn’t want to forget it either…

Here¹s a scoop  before the Technos, JAY was actually the leader of his own Tribe that formed after the virus wiped out the adults. Jay had always been responsible and thoughtful of others – especially his younger brother, VED. The two (with some friends from school) formed a Tribe and Jay was the natural leader due to his good qualities such as his determination, positive thinking, and his excellent survival skills. He was admired and respected by his Tribe members – especially a girl…

Before the virus, there was a girl at school who was in the same year as JAY and she had always liked him. Liked him quite a lot. To her, JAY was cute and intelligent – she soon had a “crush” on him but JAY never seemed to pay her too much attention.

Then the virus happened suddenly and changed the world – JAY and VED formed their Tribe and the girl became a member. She had no family left and nowhere to go – it was natural for her to follow JAY as she put so much faith and hope in him in those dark days.

Her feelings for JAY grew stronger as JAY led his Tribe from one crisis to another successfully. Food was found. Shelter was discovered. The Tribe negotiated with others and were safe from Locos (for now). JAY had transformed from a successful kid at school and became a leader of others. The girl was now deeply in love with him.

And JAY? JAY now had more pressures on his mind than ever before – but he had developed a strong determination to protect his Tribe members. He would look after them, defend them, and safeguard their interests. He noticed the girl more and more – and soon fell in love with her. She was so innocent, good natured and kind to others. She and JAY were made for each other and soon were boyfriend and girlfriend.

Then one day the girl fell ill. She picked up a serious bacterial infection. She knew she was ill – and so did JAY. If only there was someone who knew about medicine, someone who could advise what to do. For so long, JAY had the answers to different problems – but he didn’t know what to do to save his love.

The Tribe panicked over the girl’s illness. Medicines were looked for – but none were found. Then JAY heard that another Tribe had some anti-bacterial medicines – some penicillin and antibiotics that they would be willing to trade with JAY’s Tribe. JAY had to do the negotiations and left the girl. She was falling to a bad state and lost consciousness. JAY knew he might have hours left to get the antibiotics before the girl slipped away forever.

After bargaining away, JAY returned to his Tribe members and he had got the medicine. But it was too late. His girlfriend had passed away.

JAY was distraught. How could someone so young fall ill that way and nothing be done for her? Then, when JAY finally found medicine that could help he arrived too late – just a few precious hours late.

After the death of his girlfriend, JAY promised he would never let that happen again. He would do all in his power to stop other people who needed help from falling into the same fate as his girlfriend. He would do everything he could – and more – to see that once again, medicines, doctors and hospitals would be set up around the city – as had been done in the days of the adults before the virus.

But how to do that? JAY needed someone with power, influence, people, equipment – and one day he met RAM and joined the Technos… Maybe RAM would help JAY build a peaceful and stable city…

For his personal life, JAY was devastated over the loss. He had found a soulmate, a once in a lifetime girl of his dreams who had been cruelly taken away from him. For months, JAY was disconsolate but channeled his sadness into a determination to make the world a better place.

Thoughts of finding another soulmate drifted out of his mind – for now, his every thought and every action was devoted to his passionate cause of helping others by changing the future… it was all he could do to make sure the tragic loss of his love from the past would not be in vain – it was a tribute to her, for this is what she would have wanted JAY to do…