Pretribe: The Past Affecting The Future Part 1

Top sports people and achievers often attribute their success to their way of thinking, how they “live in the moment” rather than worrying about the past or the future.

HOWEVER – this doesn’t seem to be the case with most people in real life and certainly not with JAVA and SIVA in Tribe 4. Maybe it’s something that should be learned – to jettison the past, don’t let ancient worries ruin the present or spoil the future.

This first “The Past Affecting the Future” Pre-Tribe article looks at how one element of JAVA and SIVA’s past is a constant thorn in their lives and futures…

JAVA and SIVA are sisters on screen (and the actresses, Megan Alatini (JAVA) and Monique Cassie (SIVA) are sisters in real life too)!

In Tribe 4 they have been through much turbulence in their lives so far after the virus and disappearance of the adults.

But one big thing that drives them crazy is the memory of what happened to them in the early days of the Tribes and Tribeworld – when they were both betrayed.

Here’s a scoop – before the Technos, JAVA and SIVA were both members of the Locos. Yep, they were one of Zoot’s people and skateboarded their way to domination over the other Tribes. From the worst experience in their lives (the virus) they worked their way to being in the toughest Tribe of them all (at the time) – The Locos.

Well, it so happens that as the Locos were expanding, getting new recruits and controlling an increasingly large part of the city (which led them to a great rivalry with the Demon Dogs), the Locos were not a united force from within.

The older sister, JAVA, tried to look after SIVA and another member of her family…

JAVA was desperate to rise up the ranks of the Locos, get some influence with Zoot and therefore give herself, her sister SIVA and other family member a greater chance of survival in the apocalyptic world after the virus.

But the youngest member of the family – the sister of JAVA and SIVA – seemed to have other ideas. The three sisters have sworn that they would look after each other and stick together BUT the youngest sister seemed to go her own way – she went to ZOOT and tried to rise up the ranks of the Locos herself, leaving her elder sisters JAVA and SIVA in her wake.

It so happens that JAVA and SIVA one day met their young sister – then rising up and being one of the LOCO leaders – and were told to leave the Locos. Right then. Just go. Disappear. Never come back.

JAVA and SIVA thought it was a joke – they were stunned. But the young sister and Loco leader were serious – get out, leave – or else…



JAVA and SIVA were completely shocked at being told to disappear by their young sister of all people! After all they had done before and after the virus to look after their sister – she seemed to be betraying them.


Love quickly turned to distrust, antagonism and hatred. JAVA and SIVA swore to look after each other – and one day, they would get revenge on their sister for betraying them so.

Get our your crystal ball and let’s try to predict the future. Could it be that JAVA and SIVA, who both harbor such deep resentment, will ever meet their estranged sibling? What will happen to their younger sister – what will they do?

Hardly a day goes by without JAVA and SIVA skulking about the past – brooding in an ever festering pit of bitterness. We’ll just have to see what the future lies in store for them – and their younger sister…