Pretribe: Driving in Tribeworld

Transport is vital to moving around and getting out and about within a city. Prior to the virus outbreak cars and ultimately driving places was the integral and fundamental way of transporting from one place to another.

Of course driving requires a license to use a specific vehicle and in order to get such a license there was an age limit. Most of those who were left after the virus were too young to have ever held a license.

The most shocking and everlasting image in the minds of many within Tribeworld is that of the travelling van telling the people about the mass evacuation. This was the last time the adults featured as part of the normal world.

For those in rural areas though, like Alice and Ellie, they would’ve seen and learnt from their parents how to use machines such as tractors and other farm equipment. This helped in maintaining the farm when they were left to fend for themselves. I.e. we have seen Dal using the tractor on the farm.

In Tribeworld, even after the virus and absence of adults, there are several modes of transport used, and some which require an element of skill to use, this being the reason why pre-tribe, a license was required.
Modes of transport

Apart from the aforementioned transport vehicles, other modes of transport used in Tribeworld have been a skateboard used by Bray, Converted Police car used by the Locos, Black vans used by the Chosen, Big bus used by the Mall Rats, and more recently the Airplane.

How to learn to drive?

Commonsense prevailed in Tribeworld. There has been no test set, or rules enforced for driving of any kind. Many would’ve learnt by watching their parents drive around.

Once having a vehicle it is a matter of commonsense taking over and practicing until the technique is mastered.



Fuel has been scarce and has basically dried up, with the exception of the Chosen who had a secret stash of it! The Locos were in control of the last pile of fuel; other vehicles were able to function until their tanks became empty.


Because there was no adults there were initially no rules laid down for anything. It was a case of everyone surviving for themselves. Until Tribes and various other groups formed there was no working together for a common goal.

Later on in Tribeworld it became evident that rules were needed for peace and harmony between the differing Tribes and so meetings were held with Tribe Leaders to come to a compromise on rules.

But as far as a specific license to drive, there was none, and really if there was, who would enforce the rules? Only in Series III were there Sheriffs and other leaders with the responsibility of enforcing rules.

Age for license? In countries now?

If a test was to be made to be in charge of a motor vehicle, when should they learn? -since surviving in Tribeworld is sometimes more hazardous than living in the real world as we know it. Because of this survival concept, perhaps learning to drive some sort of vehicle should be mandatory for the young ones in case they need that skill in an emergency?

Fasten those seatbelts and Drive safetly in your world!