This week we take a comparative look at marriage in Tribeworld and whether the traditions, as we know them today, have or will survive throughout Tribeworld to come.

Take the plunge? Tie the knot? Get hitched? Ball and Chain?

History of ceremonies in the Tribe

There were three marriage ceremonies seen in the Tribe throughout Series I, II and III. And what a celebration they were?!

Firstly there was Lex and Zandra to take that step further in their relationship and get married. Lex took their relationship for granted and took advantage of Zandra’s love for him to get what he wanted. He got married to keep her happy and his heart wasn’t really in it like Zandra’s was.

Zandra idolised Lex and her ultimate vision/dream for them was to get married. She even took ‘marriage’ so seriously as a final commitment to each other that she saved herself in a physical sense for Lex until after they were married.

It did however take them two times to get through the ceremony. The first time was well planned. Zandra was all dressed, organised and ready to go but at the last minute Ebony burst into the mall, created such a disturbance and ruined all the wedding plans and they couldn’t go through with it.

So when Zandra walked down the mall stairs the second time she was determined it was going to all go according to plan.

Will marriage, as it was pre tribe, hold the same meaning and remain as important through Tribeworld to come?

Through all ceremonies in the Tribe to date, there have been major celebratory occasions. Of course pre Tribe they were major occasions also and these Tribe kids can remember back to their family and friends getting married and how much importance was placed on confirming to the world a couple’s love.

This then became, at least for the girls, their dream upon finding the right ‘guy’! It often remains every girls dream to get married.

Marriage and wedding ceremonies are well remembered by Tribe members from days gone by. They are such an instilled institution that the importance and meaning held before the virus would likely continue even just to let society know of a couples commitment to each other.

Will the ceremonies maintain their religious nature or become a more civil ceremony celebration?

The religious nature and structure of weddings varies depending on what religion/belief or even denomination people are. But the main purpose of a wedding celebration is the same across most cultures.

There is no specific reference to a definite religion in the Tribe but the point of wedding ceremonies to be celebrations and a time to present a new couple to society remains, therefore a more civil and social ceremony is likely to prevail.

Will rings still be used as symbols of love and togetherness in weddings?

Rings have been a symbol of love throughout the Tribe even without marriage entering into the equation.

Bray and Amber exchanged a keyring and ring as gifts showing their love and affection to each other, but they never got married even though they would end up together.

Rings were exchanged by Lex and Zandra. As a last resort we saw Lex take a valuable piece of copper wire, from Jack’s invention for the Tribal Gathering, and give it to Zandra as a symbol of his love for her.

Will honeymoons still be the ‘first’ romantic getaway for the newlywed couples? Where could they go?

Time alone to learn more about each other is key to a good start to a long lasting relationship. So following the ever so social nature of wedding celebrations a honeymoon of sorts would always be preferable.

When Amber and Sasha wanted time alone, although it wasn’t a honeymoon because they weren’t married, they still managed to find a quiet secluded spot to relax and unwind together.

Even though there aren’t any fantastic overseas destinations available to visit in Tribeworld, newlywed couples will still be able to find somewhere safe and relaxing to visit. The main purpose is to learn about each other only and not to have to spend time socialising with other people and other Tribes.