Leisure in the world of the Tribe.


There are many things that the Mall Rats and other tribes have to do to survive in this post-apocalyptic world. They have to find food, shelter and other essentials in order to continue living. Things that we all take for granted are impossible to find in this New World.

Day to day living necessities include the need for exercise of the body and mind. Morale must be kept up. Some of the Mall Rats get enough exercise by battling against other tribes. Others get their exercise in a variety of other ways like rollerblading, skateboarding or dancing.

There is some time for leisure activities in the Tribal world and we will take a look at the way some of our favourite Tribal characters spend their spare time.


This mystical being practices yoga and meditation. She finds that the ritual process of such activities promotes a balance in her body, mind and soul and helps her to think more clearly. This is not a hobby but a way of life for Tai San and she would feel lost and anxious if she were not able to continue with these activities.

Tai San is also adept at martial arts and can look after herself. She finds that this is a good discipline and gains much mentally and physically from its practice. And Tai San loves to dance. She finds that this is great exercise and also enjoys the routine of certain movements whilst being able to stretch her creativity and express her feelings through others.


This Eco warrior used to skateboard and found that this was not only a good way to get around in a world where vehicles were not in use but as a form of escape. Bray could get on his board and cruise off anywhere he desired. He was alone with his thoughts and could concentrate on his moves. This would take his mind off things and give him some thinking space.

Bray also enjoys practicing his fighting moves and finds that this is a good way for him not only to vent his aggression in a safe environment but to learn from the discipline of carrying out the precise moves.

When Bray is in love he is happy to spend all the time he has in the world with his woman. He is very romantic and gets on with his girlfriends not only as lovers but as friends. He is attracted to strong intelligent women and enjoys talking to them about all manner of things.


Lex is known to be fit! He attended boot camp in pre-Tribe and did very well not only with the physical side of things but with Ma’am!

Lex probably does not participate in group sports but enjoys the practice of martial arts.
In leisure time Lex enjoys relaxing with a drink as he finds that this helps take his worries away. However this has had the opposite effect at times as he has literally drowned his sorrows and developed a real problem with alcohol.

Following his misadventures with the demon drink, Lex has found other interests. This includes being taught by KC to read, and his development of martial law as sheriff of the sector.

Like Bray, Lex enjoys spending time with his ladies. He enjoys being pampered and taken care of but he also appreciates the chance to show his true self to them. He has been able to share himself with Tai San in a way that he has never been able to with anyone else (although Zandra had seen his Œsoft’ side). Tai San really knows what makes Lex tick and can understand him in a way nobody else has. Perhaps this is because of her karma. Or perhaps it is because she has seen a side to Lex that few others have.


Pride is hugely interested in his surroundings and has developed and honed his skills through being a key member of the Eco Tribe. He is highly skilled in the martial arts and certainly knows his stuff when it comes to living off the land.

Pride spends his leisure time gaining valuable knowledge of plants and natural resources and also practices his fighting skills.

Pride has had to find other things to occupy his mind since he lost the love of Amber and has tried to give May the love that she needs. However Pride feels guilty at having to fake his emotions and fool May but he cannot shake the real feelings he has for Amber.


This girl can fight! She spends a lot of time working out because she needs to maintain the upper hand in all things. She practices all forms of fighting.

Ebony also enjoys relaxing and taking good care of herself. Looking good is a discipline in itself and helps Ebony feel that everything is in order. This also helps Ebony in her role as seductress.

Ebony is a devious person and probably spends a lot of her time devising great plans and studying the habits of others so that she can strike at her opponents’ weakest hour.

Ebony also enjoys dancing and won the competition she entered with Bray in series 2. This little lady is a force to be contended with.