Leisure – Part 2

This week we take another look at the way the Mall Rats spend their leisure time in the world of the Tribe.


This young genius spends hours finding a way to make things work.

He is very conscious that there is a real need for new discoveries in this world and learns a lot through trial and error.

Jack finds that he is naturally inclined to find a solution to a problem and generally does very well.

Jack has had some problems though and we all remember times where he has caused more problems than he has solved!


Ellie has discovered journalism. She has a real passion for writing, researching and reporting.

Once she gets locked on to an idea she just does not let go and follows it through to the end.

Ellie also enjoys the outdoors and this is probably because of her upbringing on the farm.

She likes to get back to the farm when she can to breathe in the fresh air of the countryside and to have a bit of piece and quiet.


This lady has very little time for leisure activities, as she is very much involved in the day to day running of the Mall Rats (and the Eco Tribe when she was their leader).

Amber is interested in the future and well being of the younger ones and encourages them to learn.

She enjoys being with her loved ones and developed a very special bond with Dal whose company she cherished.

Amber knows how to let her hair down and has had some fun times on the beach with Sasha. She has also enjoyed spending quality time with Bray. They always have plenty to talk about and are great friends as well as lovers.

Amber learnt a lot from being a part of the Eco Tribe and this can only add to her natural leadership abilities. She learnt how to fight and how to use several weapons.


Poor Salene has really had to do most of the mothering in the Tribe.

She has cooked and cleaned, helped Trudy with Brady, looked after the younger Mall Rats and been something of a teacher.

However, Salene does enjoy getting out in the fresh air and loves to horseride, which she tries to do whenever the opportunity is there.

Salene enjoys reading and relaxing with her friends. She also enjoys dressing up for special occasions and looked gorgeous for her wedding to Ryan.


KC, Patsy and Cloe have all tried to enjoy their childhood. They have all had some great times with dressing up games and rat races.

They are forced to learn school lessons when Salene or Amber can get them to sit in the classroom!

They try to spend as much time outdoors as they can and love to look after their animals.

There have been board games and card games as well as other made up games. It is really important for these children to live their life to the full whenever they can, as they never know what is going to happen next in this sinister world without adults to look out for them.

Most of the Mall Rats are able to find some time to relax and enjoy themselves.

They have had to adapt their lifestyles to this New World and find new things to occupy them.

They would have been used to all the trappings of life that we ourselves are used to… game consoles, television, movies, parties, fast food, games arcades, video stores, shopping, sports games, etc. but in this world there is none of that available.

Most of the Mall Rats could never have imagined what life would be like without the hobbies and activities that they were used to.

They would have been so shocked at what happened to the adults that they probably would have only slowly begun to miss leisure activities.

They would have adapted to the lack of things to do because there were so many other important issues at hand, like survival.

And slowly, very slowly they would have adapted their day to day lives to suit this New Age.