With the adults all gone, what is there left for the tribes to use for food, shelter, clothing and transport?

All the shops have been stripped of their contents long ago. The same has happened with food warehouses, hospitals and factories.

There is no electricity, no clean water, no fuel and not much tinned food left.

All the things that we take for granted do not exist in Tribeworld. The tribal members have to make do with leftovers.


The people who live in this post apocalyptic world have to forage around for food. The Mall Rats had a reasonable supply that has lasted quite well, with rationing.

Pride has been a great help with his knowledge of what kind of herbs, plants and fungi are safe to use in cooking.

There are some farms left and with a bit of help from each other, it seems that there is a way to grow fruit vegetables.

There do not seem to be very many animals left in this world. The tribes will need to decide if they should start to breed the animals that are left and use them for food.

Cooking is a problem given that there is no electricity to operate ovens and microwaves.

Fires are used to heat and cook food and to boil water.

Some tribes have made their own water purifiers so that they at least know the water is safe to drink.

Transport is an issue and the tribes have gone back to the old methods of getting around.

They use their own two legs, jump on a horse, row a boat or put on their rollerblades.

The Locos managed to find enough fuel to enable them to careen round the streets in a police car and the true bringers of power and chaos certainly have fuel. How else would they have gotten the plane to fly?

New outfits are put together by tribal members. Perhaps they are still using the kind of clothes they wore before the virus hit and throw them together in a way that makes them stand out from the crowd.

Maybe they have started to make their own clothes from pieces of material that they have found in houses, shops and factories.

Shelter and warmth is an issue for some tribes but most have been able to find a dry place to base themselves and use fire for heat.

Medicine can still be found and luckily some people, like Tai San, have the knowledge to be able to make up herbal tonics.


Of course people have had to find food, shelter and warmth since time began. People always find a way to continue the human race.

Cavemen had to literally live in caves with a fire to use for warmth and cooking. Food was whatever could be caught that day or picked from the fields.

Many people have died throughout the ages from eating poisonous roots and berries or rancid meat.

It has really been through trial and error as well as preservatives that we are safe to eat most things today.

It was discovered that water would have to be boiled years ago for fear of contracting dysentry or other such diseases.

Nowadays it is filtered and full of chemicals to make it safe although people in third world countries still have to boil their water.

Natural fuel such as coal, oil and gas has been used for many decades now but this is running out and man made fuels are mainly used now.

Clothes would have been the skins of animals in days gone by but over time materials have been developed from natural fibres and dyes. There are now many man madematerials available.

Electricity is a modern concept and up until the 1800’s, people would have used fire for warmth and cooking and candles or oil for light.

Transport was always in the form of walking or horseriding. carts and wagons were pulled by horses or oxon. Though time steamships, cars and planes were invented and it is now perfectly normal to be able to fly to the other side of the world in 12 hours or so!

Shelter has developed with time and culture. Caves, tents, wigwams, cabins, castles and houses. Canvas roofs, tin roofs, grass roofs, people have always found a way to shelter themselves.


That the tribes will be okay. They will continue to find ways to survive and prosper. They will develop their resources and knowledge and will re-create the world in their own image, whatever that image may be.

Look out for another great Worldview next week.