Tribestyle: The Style of Liberty

What it is about small towns in tribeworld that attracts so many ‘interesting’ types? Perhaps it is a place for them to hide out like Ram? Maybe they have just had enough of the big city like Ruby. Or maybe they have a hidden agenda like Slade.
Whatever it is it’s certain that Liberty has it’s fair share of interesting and shady characters.

This lone ranger guy has been in Liberty for quite some time and it seems that his leather look comes straight out of a Clint Eastwood movie. He is the type who doesn’t really care where he sleeps at night and could go for days without having a shower. But he always has those rough good looks about him that makes the ladies go wild and chase him.

He is one cool character and that’s a fact. Not many people would mess with our Slade. It is uncertain as to whether or not he has come from a tribe originally and it appears that he has called Liberty home for a while. He always seems to come back after he has been on the road for some time and the saloon is the nearest thing he has to a home.

He likes the fact that Ruby is always waiting for him and although he has developed an interest in Ebony lately it seems that he has a strong bond with the blonde bombshell behind the bar. He admires the tough side of this lady and also likes the way that she takes care of her appearance.

Slade unofficially runs this town and makes sure that any dodgy types are well under control. He looks as if he has had his fair share of battles and the scar above his eye shows us that he hasn’t always come out unharmed – although unquestionably on top.

There are women that are worried about what life will throw at them and there are women that are as tough as old boots. Ruby is somewhere in between. She is definitely a girlie girl with her movie star looks and her fashion sense but she doesn’t need guys flinging themselves at her and telling her that she’s gorgeous.

What she seems to rely on however is the fact that Slade will always come back to her.

She came to Liberty to get away from all the craziness of the city and although she shares the small town with a lot of crazies she knows them all and they in turn know that she isn’t to be messed with.

Ruby likes to be in control of a situation and she loves the fact that she can say who can and who can’t stay at her saloon.
But she can be swayed in her opinions by a smooth talking Slade who has this amazing hold on her.

It is unclear as to whether she and Slade go way back or if they have just developed a bond over a relatively short period of time. But one thing is sure. She needs him. She is a tough cookie and she appreciates the fact that she won’t be tied down by the mysterious motor bike rider but she needs to know that he needs her.

Ruby is quite a complex lady and it is clear that she can survive on her own and make sure that she is safe. But at the same time she wants to know that Slade will come for her and it is almost as if she wants him to be her knight in shining armour who will ride up one day and proclaim his love for her.

There are plenty of other people living in Liberty alongside Slade and Ruby and there is a weird kind of community spirit in the little town.

Some of the inhabitants have run away from something or someone and want to rest up for a while in the town before they head back into other sectors or the city.

Others have settled in Liberty because they have nowhere else to go and the way of life suits them well. They can get to know everyone whilst at the same time maintain a low profile that the other crooks, drop-outs and loners respect and understand.

The general style of the town is that of a rugged and rough-round-the edges look and it seems to lend itself well to the type of people who like to hang out at the Saloon and loiter around the streets of this one horse town.