Tribestyle: The Style of Children

There are quite a few babies being born in tribeworld and there are definitely a lot of children around too. The ones that we know the best at the moment perhaps are Brady, Mouse and Baby Bray.

This little fella has a blonde Mohawk of hair that he has probably got from Amber as Bray had light brown hair. The gorgeous lad has innocent looks and behaves himself well despite the fact that he spends a lot of time with various ‘surrogate’ mothers in the tribe.

He is dressed stylishly and Amber makes sure that he is always dressed for the weather.

Hasn’t this wee girl developed over the past few years? She was always dressed well by her mother Trudy but just recently she seems to have gained a style all her own with her little pigtails and tribal markings. Brady is well aware that she has cheeky good looks and often uses them to her advantage. She has learnt how to get what she wants and she can wrap most people around her little finger.

This young madam can be very bossy at times and has a definite need to make sure that her voice is heard amongst her tribe. She dresses well for a young child and still manages to look like a young girl although she does like to dress up at times. She is short for her age and uses that to get cuddles when she wants them and manages to make most people think that she is the cutest thing on earth.

But Mouse also knows when to be serious and she can be a good source of wisdom for such a young thing. She looks out for those she cares about and perhaps because she misses her brother Charlie so much she treats Sammy as if he were her brother as well as her friend. She scolds him and makes sure that he behaves himself but at the same time she cares deeply about him and gets very hurt when he is angry with her. Mouse has been known to sulk when Sammy is mean to her and this generally makes him change his behaviour and give him the guilts.

It seems that most babies and young children are dressed very tribally right from the word go and this reflects the world that they have been brought into and the need to distinguish what tribe they belong to.

Every child is brought up with the knowledge that they are living in an uncertain world and they learn very quickly that they need to look over their shoulders constantly and trust no one.

It must be a strange way to be brought up but these children know nothing of life before the Virus and it is normal for them to live in a world where the oldest people are only in their early twenties.

They will never have a grandmother or grandfather to tell them stories about the old days or to give them treats or go away on holiday with them.

They will never know what it is like to have an extended family and be able to play with cousins and share a sense of belonging with their relations.

And they will never know the security and stability that comes with having generations of people around who would share their life and their history.

Most kids wear casual clothes that are easy to wash and mend because they get dirty and ruined so easily through tree climbing, playing in the sand pit or making mud pies.

But kids in tribeworld wear very different clothes. There are high wedge platform heels, lots of layers and plenty of leathers.

This is just the general style of tribeworld and perhaps it is because the children have to behave older than their years to survive that they have no real need for the typical kids clothes that we are used to in our world.

Hairstyles tend to be less ‘out there’ than the teenagers and young adults but there are still plenty of feathers and back combed styles around and lots of kids have their hair coloured so that they distinguish themselves from other kids in other tribes.

These tribal children do not know what it is like to go to school and whilst that might seem like a dream for some of us, for these children it means that they might not be able to discover the joy of reading or be able to solve a problem.

They will not know anything about the way of the world pre-Virus and it is vitally important that some of the inhabitants of tribeworld make sure that they start up some kind of education program for these youngsters.

They need a place to go in the day and they need some kind of routine in their lives. They deserve the chance to be children and play in a playground, make up rhymes, to get to know how to deal with children of their own age and how to stretch their imaginations and brain power.

Salene, Tai San and Amber tried to teach Patsy and Cloe some things but these lessons fell by the wayside when the older girls discovered that they were too young and inexperienced to be able to control a small class of children.

Now that some of the Mall Rats and other inhabitants of tribeworld are older we hope that lessons might start once again to give some form of hope to the children of the New World.