Tribestyle: Moz’s Tribe 3 Costume

Over the next few weeks we are profiling a few of the costumes used throughout the series’. From the way they’re made to why they were designed the way they were. This week is Moz’s Series 3 costume. Click any of the costume pictures for a larger view.Moz likes to take matters into her own … Continue reading Tribestyle: Moz’s Tribe 3 Costume

Tribestyle: Finding a Tribe

Which tribe would you like to join if you had the chance? Are you an earthy Eco type or a dodgy demon dog contender? What would be the characteristics that the leaders of the various tribes would look for in a new tribal member? WANTED NEW TRIBAL MEMBERS The Gaians (Eco Tribe) – Must have … Continue reading Tribestyle: Finding a Tribe

Tribestyle: Tribes in Tribeworld – Part 2

In Tribeworld there are a number of different tribes. Although we have only met some of them there are other minority tribes living within the city and outside the city. Each tribe is uniquely different. They all have their own rules and regulations and their own ideas of justice. This week we look at The … Continue reading Tribestyle: Tribes in Tribeworld – Part 2