Tribestyle: Moz’s Tribe 3 Costume

Over the next few weeks we are profiling a few of the costumes used throughout the series’. From the way they’re made to why they were designed the way they were. This week is Moz’s Series 3 costume. Click any of the costume pictures for a larger view.Moz likes to take matters into her own hands. She has an attacking attitude just like a mozquito.

The Mozzies are more into confrontation than communication. When they want something done, they want it done now!

Moz can be very intimidating but does it help her get her own way?

The Mozquitos are also the only tribe in tribeworld that are all female. Could this have something to do with their overall attitude?

Moz only ever had one outfit throughout her time on the show. But a very cool one!

The base of Moz’s outfit is the velvet bodysuit. It’s made of thick stretch velvet lycra. The outside velvet texture is very soft and quite shimmery in the light. The design is very basic. It is a long sleeved, high necked, long legged, tight fitting bodysuit. The bottom of the legs have a hole cut out so that the wearer can slip their foot through and a piece sits under the foot to keep them down and in place instead of slipping up the ankle.

It is done up with a zip down the back that extends to the small of the back.

The whole tight fitting blackness of it makes it a very slimming outfit although Miriama Smith has a fantastic figure and looks great in anything.

The corset is not worn over the bust but under it. It is made of a very shiny black PVC which is lined for comfort on the inside with a black cotton fabric. It is very contoured and is sewn in seven panels each a little smaller in height than the last with the front being the widest part.

The amazing clips at the front are a little hard to describe. On one side is a silver piece that has a bobble on it and through the bobble is a vertical hole. On the other side is a round spoon like piece (imagine a spoon with a big hole in it) that fits over the bobble and then a clasp or arm thing is put through the vertical hole holding the spoon to the bobble on the other side. Eek, did you make sense of that?

There are five of these clips at the front of each corset.

The back of the corset is where you can tighten it. It is done up simply with lycra threaded through the eyelets – just like doing up your shoelaces.

Moz had a few extra pieces to her outfit compared to her other Tribe members. Around her neck she wore a studded collar. The studs at the front of the collar are pretty long – about an inch. And the studs around the back of the collar are just little pyramid shapes.

The collar comes around the front in almost a heart shape and is secured by threading eyelets at the front. The collar is made of very thick shiny pvc – much thicker than the pvc used in the corset.

Around the outside edges is sewn one side of a zip – teeth only.

On the fronts of her upper legs Moz wears more pvc. It’s almost like armour.

A large piece of the thick black shiny pvc is worn around the upper leg. It is held on with elastic straps.

Moz also wears upper arm bands and wrist bands which we have not shown here.

The mask of the Mosquito’s is made entirely of metal except for the sunglasses. The two eye pieces are made of sieves or strainers. These are wired together in the middle and attached with wire to the main metal cut out of the mask. The metal cut out is quite strong but also able to be bent. It is about 2mm thick.

On the pointy pieces of the metal mask outline is some detailing in black. The metal has been scratched for texture and then a black marker has been rubbed over the scratches.

The mask is made easy to wear by attaching a pair of sunglasses on the inside. The lens’ are red and they’re attached by rivets to the main metal piece of the mask. To help keep it on, attached to each ear piece of the sunglasses is a piece of elastic to hold it in place.

Lastly are Moz’s boots. They are ROC boots which are very popular here in New Zealand. They’re made of black leather and are very durable. The wardrobe team have sewn some shiny black pvc onto the leg of the boot in a flame pattern. They have also added meal strips to the heel and the front sole of the boot. These are attached with rivets and some very hardy glue.