Amber’s Love – Part 2

Pride was instantly struck by this fragile beauty and troubled soul and he felt that he wanted to help her get on with her life again.

He knew that she had been deeply hurt and so he kept his distance for a while but he always kept an eye on her and eventually he got close enough to her emotionally and physically to kiss her.

He treated Amber like a Queen and he respected her totally. He was totally smitten with this gorgeous creature and shared a strong bond with her.

Although he had loved his previous girlfriend Mya, he had never had the same depth of feeling that he had for Amber and she touched his heart in a way he never thought possible.

Amber was troubled and hurt when she had been rescued from the Eagle Mountain explosion and she kept herself to herself in the Gaian camp.

She lay in her bed and watched as the tribe went about their daily business and after a while she began to notice the way that the kids worked together and respected each other.

Amber admired the fact that there was such a good structure and that the tribe worked as a team. This was something that Amber had tried to work on in the Mall but had never quite seemed to get the likes of Lex and Zandra to adhere to.

In this tribe she could see that there was an unconditional respect and love toward the tall muscular Pride.

There was something about this man that intrigued her. He was gentle and intelligent, kind and compassionate but at the same time she could tell that he was a force to be reckoned with.

One day she watched him practice his martial arts and when he took his top off she felt her heart race! She couldn’t take her eyes off of this graceful man who moved with the elegance of a deer.

He had always been friendly with her but had never gotten too close for comfort and now she wished that she could get him to notice her!

She felt herself falling for Pride. Falling for his looks but also for his mysterious personality. His confidence and his gentleness. His ‘stillness’. When he kissed her for the first time, gentle at first as if she was the most fragile thing on the planet and then with passion, she knew that she was in love.

Amber and Pride enjoyed a spectacular romance that was just what each one needed at that stage in their lives.

When Love Comes To Town
When Amber saw Bray again she was totally unprepared for the feelings that would ultimately resurface after her initial anger had subsided.

Pride was hurt but he could understand that Amber needed Bray and he let his own feelings for her subside. He had enjoyed his time with her but he knew that it would not have lasted and that what they had was not something that he could force her to carry on with given the depth of her feelings for Bray.

Pregnant with Bray’s child, Amber had dared to put her trust in him and in God again, blissfully unaware that fate would strike and that Bray would be taken from her.

Grief stricken, Amber vowed to herself that she would never love again.

A Techno who still had his feet firmly in reality and not in the Paradise Game of VR, Jay was stunned when he saw Amber. A beautiful blonde with smouldering dark eyes and a cute button nose, this was just the type of girl he was attracted to. She held herself with grace and elegance and she had a definite confidence that attracted him to her further.

When he heard that Ebony was jealous of Amber and thought that he was having an affair with her he laughed. But as Ebony got more and more hostile towards him and treated him as if he was guilty he changed his tune. He loved Ebony – or at least the feelings he had for her felt like love. He hadn’t felt that way since he had lost his first girlfriend, Rochelle. But as Ebony became more distant and spiteful Jay withdrew from the relationship and it was with Amber that he was to find the meaning of true love again.

Jay spent a lot of time just watching Amber, observing her the way that some people look at a beautiful painting. He appreciated the way that she looked, the way that she walked, the way that she spoke. He was deeply attracted to her. He didn’t want to go rushing into another relationship so soon but had learnt the hard way that in this New World you had to grab what was important to you as soon as you could before it was taken away from you.

Jay was slightly worried that Amber might just be looking for a surrogate father for her son Bray but after watching the way that she behaved with her baby Jay knew that she was more than capable of bringing up a child on her own and she never once gave him cause to worry that it was a stand-in father and not a lover she was looking for.

Jay was a man of high moral values and that is part of the reason he left the Technos. He found that he shared these values with Amber and he admired her all the more for her views.

At times Jay was concerned that Amber was too serious a person and he longed to be able to have the time and the space just to be with her alone. Not to have all the stresses and strains of life in the city and the concerns and responsibility that go hand in hand with being a leader. He wished that he could take her by the hand and lead her to a deserted beach where they could lie in the shade of a tree and laugh together, love together.

Whilst Jay was a serious and responsible person he also had an impulsive and fun side that he found Amber lacked in somewhat and he caught himself looking a little too closely at Trudy sometimes…

Amber had never gotten over the loss of her first love and the father of her child, Bray. When she saw Jay she was instantly reminded of her lost love. It wasn’t Jay’s looks that reminded her of Jay. More the way that he carried himself, the way that he spoke to people and the sensitivity in his eyes.

She was attracted to Jay from the first moment she saw him. Who wouldn’t be attracted to such a tall, muscular, blonde hottie? But she felt repulsed by him at the same time because he was a techno and stood for everything that she despised.
When she got to know Jay she felt a tingling in her tummy that told her there was a definite attraction and she knew that it was more than looks that made her heart race every time she saw him.

The closer they got the more emotionally involved Amber became until it was inevitable that she would fall for this guy.
She found that they shared a lot in common and that they could laugh together as well as have serious discussions.

First Love, True Love?
But at times Amber had to pinch herself and ask herself if she was really in love with Jay or whether she was involved just because he reminded her so much of Bray?

They say that first love is the deepest and maybe that is true for Amber. We will have to wait and see if her love for Jay stands the test of time or if the ghost of her first love will keep coming back to haunt her.