Amber’s Love – Part 1

We all fall in and out of love but it seems that Amber has had more than her fair share of guys that have grabbed her by the heartstrings.

She has shared some really intimate moments with different guys in Tribeworld and has had a baby with one of them.
How can she fall in love with so many different guys when she has told each one of them that they are The One for her?

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

In Tribeworld we know that life is up and down like a yoyo. There is nothing that can be taken for granted and that includes love.

Amber really has loved each of the men in her life for various reasons. After the tragedy of the virus hit the world Amber lost everything that she loved, everything that she knew, everything that was her history.

A tough character, Amber got on okay by herself but when she met Bray she knew that there was someone that she wanted to share her life with. For the first time since she had lost her family and friends she realised that she didn’t have to keep her feelings locked up inside and that she was able to share her heart without having to constantly fear that it would be broken.

Bray himself was struck as soon as he saw Amber. He was instantly attracted to this powerful and confident female who seemed to be happy with herself and know how to take charge in a tragic situation.

He liked her maternal side and loved to watch her with the younger kids. He liked the way she took care of everyone and seemed to know just what to do. But most of all he liked her vulnerable side – she kept it well hidden but he knew it was there.

She made him want to take care of her and he hadn’t felt that way for along time – it was almost as if she was his soul mate. Sometimes they could finish each others sentences off and it was a comfort to Bray to have someone know him so well when everyone that had known him had died.

There was a familiarity with Amber that made him feel that everything was going to be alright.

And of course she was stunning. She was no ditzy blonde but she had all the looks that turned heads and he loved her Zulu knots – loved to unravel them when they were alone together and watch as her hair curled as it fell on to her shoulders.

Bray was a very cuddly type of guy. Not one for public displays of affection but when he was alone with a girl he liked to snuggle up, hold hands and have a lot of kisses! He was romantic in his own way. Maybe not to buy flowers and chocolates but in the way that he held doors open for his girl and made sure that she was okay at all times.

This guy was definitely not shy as he knew how attractive he was and he knew what attracted him to others. If he felt that the time and situation was right he had no qualms about heading on in there and asking a girl out.

After the loss of his family, everything that meant something to him – he was relieved to find Amber. Someone that he could relate to, be himself with – and cry with at night when he didn’t have to be strong for anyone else.

When Amber saw Bray for the first time she was sure that her stomach was going to explode. What a man! Tall, great body and the most sensitive eyes she had ever seen. She was drawn to him in a way that she had never been drawn to another human being and it felt like she had come home when she spoke to him for the first time.

She was jealous of the way that Bray behaved with Trudy and was sure that the two were an item but at the same time she admired and respected the guy for looking after the pregnant Trudy so well and with such care and compassion.

When she and Bray eventually got together she loved the fact that he could let his guard down with her and he told her everything about his life before the Virus. He opened up to her in a way that told her she was important to him. And he let her do exactly the same thing. At a time when she was looked up to by the rest of the Tribe and expected to be in control at all times for all their sakes, Bray allowed her to laugh and let her hair down when they were alone together. They discussed every topic under the sun and Amber felt that for the first time since the Virus, someone really truly cared about her.

This did not mean that the two were free of arguments or jealousy however and Amber did have a brief encounter with Sasha.

Sasha had been involved with a couple of girls when he had been at school but no-one had grabbed at his heart strings the way that Amber did when he met her.

He was amazed at the strength and beauty of this fragile creature and he could look deep into her eyes, into her soul almost and sense a sadness and loss of belief that endeared her to him immediately.

He found that they shared a fair bit in common and with his natural humour and way of bringing life into the deadest of hearts he soon had Amber eating out of his hand.

Sasha knew when it was time to leave however and although he would miss Amber he was aware that he had done exactly what he had set out to do – teach this young woman the love of life and how to love again.

Amber was struck with Sasha most because the other girls were struck with him. He wasn’t her usual type and he was the total opposite of Bray to look at. Shorter and lean with a happy open face, Sasha was not the man of her dreams in the first instance.

But when Amber got to know him she fell for him hard. It was the way that he carried himself, his open heart and mind, the way that he let things go over his head and didn’t get bogged down with the hassles and stresses of life.

He had a boyish quality that appealed to her and his romantic side was one that she couldn’t ignore. He did everything right and with such love and care that she couldn’t help but fall for him. He was so open and affectionate, not shy in any way – very outgoing really!

She had a good time with Sasha and he certainly opened her eyes to what life was all about once more. But her responsibility was with her Tribe – and her love ultimately lay with another man – Bray.

She was totally and utterly in love with Bray, there was no denying that fact. This was a guy that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.

When she was missing, presumed dead however, she learnt that she had to move on.

She realised that she had to take each day as it comes in this New World and after discovering that Bray had moved on with her life after the explosion, she decided that she must move on with hers.