Tribestyle: Style of Freedom

How much freedom is there in Tribeworld? Are the children free to execute activities as they please? Has there ever been a threat to their freedom? How much violence have we ever seen going on in Tribeworld?

These are all questions we must ask and take note of how the Tribe handle themselves in situations where their freedom might be threatened or actions from other Tribes really get violent and life threatening.

Freedom in Tribeworld

Throughout the Tribe the Mall Rats and other Tribes have, in a sense, had a lot of freedom whilst in other ways their freedom is limited.

Everyone has been able to express themselves through their fashion, be it costume or make-up, as they can dress how they please. There is no conforming to a specific style and they are able to express part of themselves through their fashion tastes.

Everybody has the freedom of speech. Within the Mall Rats everybody’s opinion and input to discussions and situations matter. Then the pros and cons are weighed up and a democratic decision is made. But within Tribes such as the Locos, or the Chosen, their is a dictator style of rule and nobody has the freedom to say anything against the official Loco’s style or values…even if they disagree.

But, areas where their freedom is restricted is their ability to wander freely around the city without fear of being kidnapped, or attacked. In this manner their freedom of movement is limited.

Threats – (to the living environment in Tribeworld)

There are constant threats to the freedom of the Mall Rats. Right throughout their life in Tribeworld every other group seems to want what they have, a nice mall to live in, available food, a comfortable and friendly group of people to live with.

And so there are constant threats…both to their security, their movement around the city as other Tribes try and gain numbers, their privacy as they are never left alone, and their personal well-being.

Violence -(Law & order to monitor?)

While the Mall Rats have a philosophy of living in peace and harmony and want to see decisions made and life lived without violent acts, there have been nasty actions made from enemy tribes since the adults disappeared from their world. Of course the violence can often not be stopped because of the lack of a constitutional law within Tribeworld.

Sometimes it is the Tribes with the most numbers that have the power, and if they resort to violence then it becomes difficult to stop them. Power in numbers is crucial in the Tribe, this was how the Chosen reigned supreme for so long.

Disaster – in Tribeworld?

The most obvious disaster and destruction in the Tribe would be the reason there are only children left in Tribeworld. The virus that swept the world and killed all the adults was surely a weapon of mass destruction, be it purposeful or accidental. Since the children have been living without the adults there hasn’t been anything quite so horrific to hit Tribeworld.

Some Tribes though, and some people resorted to major violence that became a disaster fo those involved. When the Chosen kidnapped Brady it completely devastated Trudy. Her world was over without her beloved daughter Brady.

What is Tribe IV going to bring? The onset of this new unknown Power & Chaos in Tribeworld will change their world forever. They are dealing with the unknown, by way of numbers, resources, equipment, knowledge and power. It may become a complete disaster for The Tribe and Tribeworld. Their lives will never be the same.