Tribestyle: Style of the Tribal guy?

All the boys in Tribeworld have big boots to fill (literally most times). They were left in the city to carry the burdens of society and carry out all tasks formerly conducted by the adult men of the city.

Most matured with this sudden responsibility, others wanted to acquire all power, and they all had a different style and approach to life.

So Tribestyle this week will take a brief look at some of the key male figures in Tribeworld.

Bray – The ever loveable Bray, was always responsible in his approach to Tribeworld and made it his mission to look after others. Right from the beginning in Series One he had Trudy’s wellbeing in mind. He would sneak out, put himself in very dangerous positions and situations in order to get food for her.

His loyalty to the Mall Rats was second to none and he is the perfect leader for them. His style of leadership was not overly pushy, but he had a natural aura which would draw people to look up to him. His charisma often gained him affection from a lot of females, however his heart remained with one person only – Amber.

Lex – Lex was a stroppy guy from the very beginning. He had attitude, which in a sense got him a long way in Tribeworld, as people often didn’t quite know how to take him. On the other hand his arrogant attitude often got him in trouble and made him a somewhat unlikeable character. He is sometimes known as a bad kind of goody!

However, he is ‘sexy’, loves to dress with style, and is quite a charmer with the ladies!!

Pride – Yet another charming character, well-built and dresses to be stylish in an earthy way. His concern for the environment, his ability to fend for himself away from the city are all key attributes that were crucial to his survival.

We have not seen him in action really in a romantic sense. Although May was attracted to him, the feeling was definitely not mutual and he was really just concerned for her feelings in staying with her. We imagine if he was really attracted to someone in Tribeworld he would treat them with class and affection.

Zoot – Was Zoot ever the key figure in Tribeworld? Well, his philosophy sure continued right throughout all series. There were people that had been convinced that Zoots ideal of Power & Chaos should be executed through life in Tribeworld. So Zoot lives on.

His style of leadership was a strong one. What he said, went! He ranted and raved to ensure everyone knew what the philosophy of the Locos were and he almost brainwashed them as he made them repeat his motto over and over.

But he had character, attitude and anger at the world, perhaps as a result of always being the underdog to Bray, and this was portrayed as Martin changed to ZOOT!

Guardian – The style of the Guardian becomes fairly obvious over time. He goes insane. His efforts to keep Zoot’s dream alive drove him to obsession and ultimate insanity. He was a charismatic character however and he loved to praise and worship the spirit of Zoot in a very dramatic way.

All of the above characters have strengths and weaknesses, likeable traits and other things which make them not appealing at all.

Who appeals to you? Is it one of these key characters? or someone totally different?

The style of each character is completely unique to each, and they approach life in differing ways. But they are all loyal to their mission.

The ones who seem to always come through for the best are the Mall Rats…they are the most fantastic tribe after all!