Tribestyle: Style of the Tribal gal?

The girls in Tribeworld vary in age, maturity, attitude and style. They have varying responsibilities depending on their situation and place in society prior to the virus.

So Tribestyle this week will take a brief look at some of the key female figures in Tribeworld.

Some have assumed a very motherly role, be it by nature like Salene, or be it by need like Trudy.


Salene – Her look has changed quite a lot over time. She has gone from having straight medium length hair to having it cropped short in a very chic style, however it has remained to be a vibrant red colour throughout the series.

She has a motherly nature whereby she has nurtured Brady when Trudy most needed help and she assumed a teacher role when it became evident that members of Tribeworld needed educating.

More recently she has grown into a sensible, mature young woman with attitude and positive style. She follows her heart and when she heard that Pony Joe had seen Ryan during his travels she decides to ride off into the bush to search for him.

Trudy – A mother before her time perhaps?? But it certainly made her mature faster than you could imagine. She was often seen with strange haircuts, and dowdy clothes, perhaps reflecting her mood, but more recently she developed a confident approach to life and consequently her style of clothes changed to a chic, classy, bold and bright look.

She maintained a strong approach to the mission of the Mall Rats, through her days as Supreme Mother.

Amber – Ambers style was classy. She had attitude, poise, and responsibility and was a character who everyone tended to look up to for guidance and advice. Her style of hair is definitely unique, and has stayed with her throughout The Tribe, with only one minor change when she wears ringlets hanging from the knots.

The only insecurity she had early on was with her relationship with Bray. Ebony tried her best to break them up, and she succeeded for a long period of time. However, their love never truly died and so of course they would eventually end up together.

Ambers is a popular member of the Mall Rats and is often seen keeping a tight reign on the goings-on within the Tribe. BUT, Bray and Ambers popularity led to their banishing from the city. Ebony was so threatened by them that she banished them.

Cloe – Cloe is somewhat of an unknown quantity. We saw her in the early days as a young, naive, and lost soul who relied on her friend Patsy, Bob and the older members of the Tribe to help her through losing her parents and changing lifestyles.

But when she returned in Series Three, she did so with a bit of confidence, both in attitude and fashion. She had hair extensions and colour, mixed with a bright costume and was slowly maturing from a young girl to a young woman.

This confidence and flair is bound to make her feel safe and secure as she moves into the life of Tribe IV.

Alice – A strong, bolshy, confident character originating from the farm. She knew how to survive without any help at all. She had people work and help her on the farm and she maintained a disciplined hand over them. At the same time as being seen as a strong, ‘no airs’ type character she had sensitive/motherly side to her when it came to looking after her baby sister Ellie. She nurtured her and ensured she was safe and well looked after right from the moment their parents left. They had a close bond even though sometimes Ellie would defy her with her desire to move to the city. Alice was truly a farm girl, whereas Ellie was a city girl.


TaiSan – Her spiritualistic approach to life ensured she was never really afraid of anything. She had a herbal remedy for every sickness and problem (even to the point of finding the antidote for the virus), and seemed to have an answer for everything. She was a very calm character and classy character also. Her outfits were colourful and stylish and changed many times and her hair has been seen in many different styles, both short and long.

She has loved and married LEX and their chemistry has really been around Tribeworld since the first series!

All of the above characters have strengths and weaknesses, and some traits which make them both appealing and not appealing at all.

Who appeals to you? Is it one of these key characters? or someone totally different?

The style of each character is completely unique to each, and they approach life in differing ways. But they are all loyal to their mission.

The ones who seem to always come through for the best are the Mall Rats…they are the most fantastic tribe after all!