Vanessa Stacey (Alice) Audio Interview

Vanessa (ALICE) chats to the Tribeworld team in this in depth audio interview about Alice, herself, The Tribe and more! Quicktime Version Please wait a few seconds for the Quicktime audio clip below to start downloading – and crank up your volume!… Please note that this track is copyright © 1999 Cloud 9 (The Tribe) … Continue reading Vanessa Stacey (Alice) Audio Interview

Tribestyle: Alice’s Tribe 3 Costume

Over the next few weeks we are profiling a few of the costumes used throughout the series’. From the way they’re made to why they were designed the way they were. This week is Lotties’s costume. Click any of the costume pictures for a larger view. As an older sister, Alice is fiercely protective of … Continue reading Tribestyle: Alice’s Tribe 3 Costume

Tribestyle: Style of the Tribal gal?

The girls in Tribeworld vary in age, maturity, attitude and style. They have varying responsibilities depending on their situation and place in society prior to the virus. So Tribestyle this week will take a brief look at some of the key female figures in Tribeworld. Some have assumed a very motherly role, be it by … Continue reading Tribestyle: Style of the Tribal gal?

Alice and Ellie – Part 2

Ellie was showing that she had definite business sense with her running of the bed and breakfast and it had developed into a nice little earner! It was all going wonderfully well. So when she came running into the fields one day when she should have been serving lunch to the guests, Richard was as … Continue reading Alice and Ellie – Part 2

News: 1st August 2005

The New Tomorrow – Shooting Continues! We can’t believe there are only a few weeks to go! There was a big production meeting last week to discuss the third block which is episodes 16-20. The production meeting involves going through all the sets, scenes and locations with all the heads of department. They run through … Continue reading News: 1st August 2005

News: 30th October 2000

Tribe CD Release One more week until the official release in New Zealand of the Tribe CD. For the New Zealand fans out there, if you want to hear the singles ‘Abe Messiah’ or ‘You belong to me’ on your local radio station, ring up and request it!! Where is the Tribe on NZ TV?? … Continue reading News: 30th October 2000