Jaime Kaire Gataulu (Cloe) Audio Interview

Jaime (CLOE in The Tribe) discusses acting, life on and off-screen and a host of things in this audio interview… Quicktime Version Please wait a few seconds for the Quicktime audio clip below to start downloading – and crank up your volume!… Please note that this track is copyright © 1999 Cloud 9 (The Tribe) … Continue reading Jaime Kaire Gataulu (Cloe) Audio Interview

Tribestyle: Style of the Tribal gal?

The girls in Tribeworld vary in age, maturity, attitude and style. They have varying responsibilities depending on their situation and place in society prior to the virus. So Tribestyle this week will take a brief look at some of the key female figures in Tribeworld. Some have assumed a very motherly role, be it by … Continue reading Tribestyle: Style of the Tribal gal?

Cloe – Pre Tribe – Part 2

When Larry started to come home and was sick without even having been drinking at the Dessie started to get worried. She had been aware that more and more of the neighbours were going into hospital – and not coming back – and she was getting more and more concerned as customers were stockpiling groceries … Continue reading Cloe – Pre Tribe – Part 2

Pretribe: What if it hadn’t happened? – Part 1

If only it hadn’t happened… Key events can change fate and the course of history – but imagine if some key developments in the Tribe had NOT happened – then how would that have changed things? This Pre-Tribe article takes a fun look at 5 key events in the early part of the Tribe and … Continue reading Pretribe: What if it hadn’t happened? – Part 1

News: 4th April 2005

Cast Birthday! Jaimee Kaire Gataulu (Cloe) turns 18 on Thursday 7th April! We hope she has a fantastic day! You can send your birthday wishes to Jaimee at this address jaimeekairegataulu@entercloud9.com Update – A New Tomorrow A New Tomorrow is underway! Casting is now occurring for The Tribe sequel “A New Tomorrow” with production crews being … Continue reading News: 4th April 2005