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News: 3rd October 2001

Chat with CLOE this week, and MAY next Monday!

Jaimee Kaire Gataulu – CLOE appeared on the BB Fan Club section for a live chat session on Wednesday morning NZ time. She had a great time chatting to fans around the world. All the posts will still be visible on the Tribe BB.

NEXT to be live to you is Laura Wilson – MAY in the Tribe (JET in Atlantis High). She will be appearing on the Atlantis High BB General Chat section. For exact times go to Atlantis High message board.

Check out the Talk page for the most up to date BB announcements.

There have been several chats over the last few weeks including Beth Allen, Jennyfer Jewell, Michael Wesley Smith, Caleb Ross, Nick Miller and Jaimee Kaire Gataulu. It just gets better and better…!!!

As well as the Tribeworld BB there have been chat sessions held on the Atlantis High website with cast members that are not only Atlantis High stars but also Tribe stars!! The latest chat was by Lee Donaghue who plays JOSH MONTANA (and SPIKE in The Tribe). It went fantastically well and lucky fan – Rachel won a phone call from him after the official live chat session. Rachel is both an Atlantis High and Tribe fan so they had heaps to talk about. She was very sad that the phone cal had to come to an end!!!!!!!!!! There will be another Atlantis High chat early next week so stay tuned. It will also be announced on the Tribe TALK page.

Stay tuned…and Stay Tribal…Get ready for yet another Tribe cast member – live to you this week!


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