Tribestyle: Tribe Music

A major part of the unique style in the Tribe is the music used in the series and that has been recorded for the first Tribe album. The Tribe has its own distinct music style that contributes to the drama and overall “feel” and identity of the series. This Tribe Style article is about the … Continue reading Tribestyle: Tribe Music

News: 24th April 2001

‘Willkommen’ to Germany!!! Check out Tribeworld in German We are ecstatic to have on board now as an official broadcaster KIKA, German Children’s TV Channel. The Tribe series one started on KIKA on April 23rd to a massive audience all over Germany, and there will continue to be huge amounts of publicity. If you know some … Continue reading News: 24th April 2001

News: 15 December 2000

END OF PRODUCTION TRIBE SERIES III The Post production crew are hard at work with editing (Sound, Music, Dialogue, Atmos and Effects). This goes on for several months yet. Battle of the sexes, TORI comes up trumps Every morning last week Victoria Spence – SALENE, was a guest on the More FM Breakfast radio show … Continue reading News: 15 December 2000

News: 6th November 2000

Tribe CD Release!!!!! 07 November 2000 was the official release date for the Tribe CD in New Zealand. It really is a fantastic album with not only the 2 hit singles being goodŠbut the whole album is great… Keep an ear and eye out for “Abe Messiah”/”You Belong to me” which will be featuring in … Continue reading News: 6th November 2000

News: 30th October 2000

Tribe CD Release One more week until the official release in New Zealand of the Tribe CD. For the New Zealand fans out there, if you want to hear the singles ‘Abe Messiah’ or ‘You belong to me’ on your local radio station, ring up and request it!! Where is the Tribe on NZ TV?? … Continue reading News: 30th October 2000

News: 7th August 2000

Tribe Music Video and Album Update Members of the Tribe were recording a third music video last week. The song “You Belong to Me” features the lead vocals of the multi talented Meryl Cassie. The video features Dwayne Cameron, Caleb Ross, Michelle Ang and Meryl Cassie. We will have pics for you as soon as … Continue reading News: 7th August 2000