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News: 6th November 2000

Tribe CD Release!!!!!

07 November 2000 was the official release date for the Tribe CD in New Zealand. It really is a fantastic album with not only the 2 hit singles being goodŠbut the whole album is great…

Keep an ear and eye out for “Abe Messiah”/”You Belong to me” which will be featuring in the weekend on Coca Cola hits and Juice TV under new releases.

For NZ fansŠstart requesting “Abe Messiah” and “You Belong to me” on your favourite radio station, the more you request it the more they’ll play it!!

The Cloud 9 cast, crew, and administration had their own official Launch Day festivities. This included cake (with an icing picture of The Tribe) and the 1st CD purchased worldwide being presented to The Tribe Creator and Chief Executive Producer Mr Raymond Thompson by Caleb and Dwayne on behalf of the cast.

The CD will be released outside New Zealand, but since NZ is the home of the Tribe it is only fair that they get to hear it first. We promise we will keep you up to date with any news on the worldwide release.


The Tribe Cast are visiting various New Zealand malls in the next month. They are performing their singing and dance routines with “Abe Messiah” and “You Belong to me”.

Northlands Mall in Christchurch were the lucky ones to see them first last weekend with a huge turnout of young people to see them perform.

For those NZ fansŠthere is:
North City Plaza – Porirua, 9th November @ 7.30pm
St Luke’s Mall – Auckland, 11/12th November @ 11.30am and 1.30pm
And to be confirmed…Queensgate/Westfield Mall – Lower Hutt

The Tribe will also be appearing in the Auckland and Wellington Xmas Parades and the Cloud 9 Fabulous Family Christmas Show(formerly Xmas in the Park).

TRIBE is back on TV3

It is back on TV3 and will be screening until the end of Series One which should be until after the new year.

Tribe hotline

Check out the Tribe hotline 0064 4 567 6789, (kids check with your parents first before making a long distance toll call, normal toll charges apply.) This week Caleb Ross – LEX, keeps you up to date with all the latest happenings in the land of The Tribe.

Cloud 9 Children’s Foundation

Current supporting efforts are the distribution of the Jonah Lomu 2001 calendars which are hugely popular. By purchasing this calendar through the fan club you will be helping children in need.

***New Merchandise***

As a sneak preview to the CD all fan club members can purchase the Tribe Music Videos – featuring the 2h it singles “Abe Messiah” and “You Belong to me”.

Tribe 3 Bloopers Video is almost finalised and ready now for distribution – order now to see this exclusive behind the scenes bloopers footage.

Cloud 9 Women’s Golf Classic

Don’t forget about the Women’s Golf Classic, there are some Big names being part of this, for all the latest news check out the hotline on 0064 4 577 1819.