The Tribe Cast perform Abe Messiah in public!

An exclusive never before released video (until now) of The Tribe cast performing the Abe Messiah song from The Tribe’s Abe Messiah album, in public!  This is the third special video to be released to celebrate The Tribe’s YouTube Channel (don’t forget to subscribe)! The footage shows extracts of The Tribe cast’s performance at a venue … Continue reading The Tribe Cast perform Abe Messiah in public!

The Tribe Abe Messiah Music Video

The original music video for the Tribe theme song ‘Abe Messiah’ from The Tribe album of the same name.  Featuring members of The Tribe Cast on vocals – and in the video – this was recorded during the making of The Tribe series 2.  This video has been made available to coincide with the launch … Continue reading The Tribe Abe Messiah Music Video

Tribe Collectables: Abe Messiah Audio CD

Abe Messiah Audio CD The original audio album on CD with performances by the original Tribe cast. No longer distributed. A true limited edition collectable. Featuring tracks: Abe Messiah, Spinning, You Belong To Me, Abadeo, Banging The Drum, This Is The Place, I Can’t Stop, Everywhere You Go, The Dream Must Stay Alive, Beep Beep Price in New Zealand Dollars: (was $26.95 NZD now on sale … Continue reading Tribe Collectables: Abe Messiah Audio CD

Tribestyle: What do The Cast Think of The Tribe Album?

What style of music do they like? Find out below… What is your favourite song on the album? and What do you think its about? Antonia: This is the Place Lost love and remembering the good times. Meryl: You Belong to Me and The Dream Must Stay Alive No. 1 – a love song about … Continue reading Tribestyle: What do The Cast Think of The Tribe Album?

Tribestyle: Tribe Music

A major part of the unique style in the Tribe is the music used in the series and that has been recorded for the first Tribe album. The Tribe has its own distinct music style that contributes to the drama and overall “feel” and identity of the series. This Tribe Style article is about the … Continue reading Tribestyle: Tribe Music

News: 22nd June 2001

MALL RATS READY FOR SALE THROUGH THE FANCLUB!! Tribe Fan Club members wait no more!!!!! ‘Mall Rats’ – the new book is now available through the fan club store at $13.45 plus postage and packaging (same as the first Tribe book – Power & Chaos). New Zealand fans attention!!! You can also go to your … Continue reading News: 22nd June 2001

News: 4th June 2001

Its coming in one week!! Look out Germany! We are counting down with one week to go until The Tribe album is released in all good record stores. JUNE 11th is the official date for “Abe Messiah” to be released. It is packed full of fantastic songs sung by your favourite members of the Tribe … Continue reading News: 4th June 2001

News: 15 December 2000

END OF PRODUCTION TRIBE SERIES III The Post production crew are hard at work with editing (Sound, Music, Dialogue, Atmos and Effects). This goes on for several months yet. Battle of the sexes, TORI comes up trumps Every morning last week Victoria Spence – SALENE, was a guest on the More FM Breakfast radio show … Continue reading News: 15 December 2000

News: 08 December 2000

END OF PRODUCTION TRIBE SERIES III TRIBE III filming is finally finishing today! It has been a busy week ensuring all scenes are shot, all publicity details are taken care of and everything is under control before cast & crew begin their summer break. KIKA (German TV) Cast were filming a special Promo out by … Continue reading News: 08 December 2000