Tribestyle: What do The Cast Think of The Tribe Album?

What style of music do they like?

Find out below…

What is your favourite song on the album? and What do you think its about?

This is the Place
Lost love and remembering the good times.

You Belong to Me and The Dream Must Stay Alive No. 1 – a love song about two who love each others company and the way they treat each other. No.2 – about the future and to always believe.

Beep Beep
Just teenager cruisin and having good times….”we’ll all be living it up…lets party!”

Spinning Around
Well because I didn’t have a lot to do with the production of this song, I don’t really know what its about. I haven’t actually heard it that much – thats probably why I like it so much.

Beep Beep
Just teens partying along.

You Belong to Me
Its just a happy poppy love song, no deep meanings.

It’s about a guy who finds someone he really likes.

Did you have fun producing the album?

Antonia: So much fun! It was an incredible experience.
Meryl: So much fun it isn’t funny. I could sing all day long.
Michelle: Yep.
Dwayne: Yes, it was something I had never done before. It was great!
Victoria: Heaps of fun being in the studio.
Jennyfer: Yep.
Ari: Yes it was heaps of fun.

What has been the highlight?

Antonia: Just being part of the team and working with amazing, talented and passionate people.
Meryl: Everything, singing the songs the whole experience has just been great!!
Michelle: The whole thing has been great. From listening to the raw ideas following through to the finished mixed version.
Dwayne: I think it would have to be signing my first CD cover in a music store!
Victoria: Hearing the final cut version.
Jennyfer: The mall performances.
Ari: Performing in front of live audiences.

What has been the best part of performing at the Malls?

Antonia: The buzz you get when the crowd is really responsive and gives you heaps of support.
Meryl: Seeing people’s reactions (they love it) dancing along with us makes it better.
Michelle: Getting the adrenalin rush before you go on and just dancing, I love dancing!!
Dwayne: Seeing the fantastic reaction from the crowds!
Victoria: Seeing everyone singing along to the songs.
Jennyfer: Meeting all the people, watching all the cute little kids who are too scared to ask Meryl for her autograph because Ebony scares them. Ari: Just the performing in general I suppose.

And other Music???

What type of music do you listen to?

Antonia: Pretty much anything really – except Michael Bolton! Hate Michael Bolton.
Meryl: R & B, Rhythm & Blues, Hip Hop, slowjams etc. I love everything from boppy stuff like Britney Spears and 5ve to Massive Attack to Blink 182 and Limp Bizkit!! Don’t go for the country and western stuff though.
Dwayne: Anything good but it has to be really good, Radiohead, U2, Madonna, Propellor Heads, Dusty Spring, Fatboy Slim, I know these are big commercial groups but they get that big for a reason.
Jennyfer: Alternative, rock, some pop songs.
Ari: Limp Bizkit, Kid Rock, and bands like that. And Cat Stevens.

Are you influenced by any bands/musicians/performers?

Antonia: No not really. I generally try to rely on my own judgement and intuition then I make decisions.
Meryl: Ooh yes. Whitney Houston is my idol, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, Brandy etc.
Michelle Ang: I think Madonna is amazing. The way she has changed her image so many times. And the way she is so in control of her music. Dwayne: Yeah – all of the above and a few more. They can really get me thinking.
Victoria: Not really but I like songs with meaning like Creed.
Jennyfer: Yes. Anyone who does what they do to teach or just cos they love it!
Ari: No, not really.

Who is your most favourite musician (only one)?

Antonia: The Verve (does a band count?)
Meryl: That’s hard! I have to admit, my brother is awesome! I have too many.
Michelle: Madonna
Dwayne: Damn!! The child of Madonna and Bono.
Victoria: Afgon Whiggs
Jennyfer: My mates band Permafrost.
Ari: Cat Stevens

Is your family musical?

Antonia: Yeah, pretty musical except my Dad who still struggles to sing in tune!
Meryl: Oooh, most definitely! My brother is a music composer and piano player and me and my sisters love singing and dancing. Mum loves to sing too. And she’s good!!
Michelle: Kind of. My sister is amazing – she sings like a bird and plays flute and piano amazingly!! Mum is only a shower singer though. Dwayne: A little.
Victoria: Very. All my family sings and my Dad plays piano. Jennyfer: Not really
Ari: I would say only me and my sister Ruth are.

Do you play an instrument?

Antonia: In the past I’ve played the piano, flute and guitar and at school I take performance music and for that I sing!
Meryl: I try to have a go at the guitar (I’m getting there) and a few simple tunes on the piano.
Michelle: I’d like to think I could play the drums… but nah!! Not really. I used to play the violin.
Dwayne: No. I learnt the violin once. My little brother is an incredible pianist!!!
Victoria: I’m not musically talented at all.
Jennyfer: Yep, piano, voice, and recorder.
Ari: I play the bass guitar and I used to play piano.