News: 20th October 2003

It’s nearly Christmas! And something to put in your Christmas stocking could be a piece of Tribe merchandise! The Tribe Fanclub are very close to bringing you some new and much loved items so watch this space!In the meantime you might like to buy something through the Tribe Fanclub or through the online Tribe Store. … Continue reading News: 20th October 2003

News: 08 December 2000

END OF PRODUCTION TRIBE SERIES III TRIBE III filming is finally finishing today! It has been a busy week ensuring all scenes are shot, all publicity details are taken care of and everything is under control before cast & crew begin their summer break. KIKA (German TV) Cast were filming a special Promo out by … Continue reading News: 08 December 2000

News: 3rd July 2000

Series 3 has begun! Yes it’s true, from Tuesday 4th July Series 3 commenced production. There’s six month’s of filming to do and that’s a huge production (when you think a typical movie might take 8 weeks to film). We’ll be providing all the latest gossip, exclusive photos , feedback from the cast and info … Continue reading News: 3rd July 2000

News: 26th June 2000

The Tribal Gathering, exclusive Tribe “Bloopers” video, Tribe in Europe news, Series 3, and some Exclusive New Zealand and USA news – all this and more is below… Over 20,000 Gather round On Sunday 25th June the world’s first Tribal Gathering was held during the Cloud 9 Studios open day outside of Wellington, New Zealand. … Continue reading News: 26th June 2000