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News: 3rd July 2000

Series 3 has begun!

Yes it’s true, from Tuesday 4th July Series 3 commenced production.

There’s six month’s of filming to do and that’s a huge production (when you think a typical movie might take 8 weeks to film).

We’ll be providing all the latest gossip, exclusive photos , feedback from the cast and info from the Cloud 9 Studios itself in New Zealand in the Location Report part of Tribeworld Location Report part of Tribeworld

And Series 3 hits television screens worldwide later this year! Can’t wait!

Tribe Album Latest

The first Tribe album preparations are going really well.

The actual album itself (10 songs) has now finished the music production process in London and final mixes on the album’s tracks have been completed.

So when is it being released in the shops? And with which record label?

Well the first album is due for release worldwide later this year. We have to keep all plans under wraps at the moment but as soon as we are able to reveal detailed information then we will – and you’ll be the first to know here in Guide News on Tribeworld!

Cloud 9 Studios Open Day/Tribal Gathering Highlights

By popular demand we are advising that the special web pages that look back on the big day of 25th June in New Zealand (where over 20,000 people visited the Cloud 9 Studios) can be accessed on

There are photos and feedback of what happened on the big day – and don¹t miss…

Tribe “Bloopers” downloads

There are two downloads of clips of things that have gone wrong when making the Tribe – animals not behaving, the cast forgetting lines of dialogue, and accidents!

We hope you enjoy these downloads and you can check them out on

We’ll have more video downloads in the near future (you will need Quicktime 4 Player or Real Media Player G2 and above to view the clips).

July Tribe Trader online Fanzine

The July issue of the Tribe Trader will be available to read in approximately one week’s time.

The issue is packed full of interviews with cast members, exclusive photos, an interactive online quiz, photos and pictures sent in by fans worldwide, a letters (and answers) page – and more.

The July issue will also have a special flashback look at the visit to Europe in June by Dwyane Cameron (BRAY), Caleb Ross (LEX), Meryl Cassie (EBONY) and Michelle Ang (TAI-SAN).

There will also be photos of the “have lunch with the cast members” at the Rainforest Café in London with the winners of the Tribeworld competitions from May.

What’s new this week

There is a great new competition where you can win some exclusive goodies to celebrate the Cloud 9 Studios Open Day in June. For details, visit the Club/Competition section.

Also there is a new Location Report, new Tribemaster report, a new Tribe Vote to vote on – and there’ll be more new content later on in the week.

New Zealand news

Many of you may have watched the Tribe on TV3 on Saturday 1st July – and the special “Making of the Tribe” documentary that was broadcast the same day.

Don’t forget the Tribe is on every Saturday at 18.30 pm on TV3 – and next week’s episode is a classic as it takes place during the “Tribal Gathering” in Series 1. You won’t want to miss this one!