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News: 08 December 2000


TRIBE III filming is finally finishing today! It has been a busy week ensuring all scenes are shot, all publicity details are taken care of and everything is under control before cast & crew begin their summer break.

KIKA (German TV)

Cast were filming a special Promo out by the Cloud 9 Pool (also seen in the Bloopers Video and ‘The Horton Bailey Hotel’) for the German TV Channel which is about to start showing Series I of the Tribe. Welcome to all the new German fans!

Bloopers Video OUT NOW!

The Bloopers videos have been dispatched recently and by now we hope those who ordered them have received them. Tell us what you thought about them at

We at Cloud 9 found them hilariously funny and surely hope you dedicated fans find humour in the cast & crew mishaps an behind the scenes action!

Xmas comes a little early to the Cast & Crew of Tribe Series III

Today has been almost a sad day as filming comes to an end, but there was a surprise in store for everyone at Cloud 9. We were treated to a full Christmas Lunch including Turkey, Ham, Pavlova, Ice Cream, and Trifle.

Then finally, several cast members returned for the final few scenes of the day, featuring Meryl Cassie – EBONY, Jennyfer Jewell – ELLIE, and Jacob Tomuri – LUKE. (bearing in mind that filming hasn’t taken place in sequential episodes and so this has no meaning for any end of Series cliffhanger)

Release Date for Tribe CD in the UK

There are no set dates yet for when the fantastic Tribe Album is to be released internationally however we can confirm that it will be around February/March 2001. We wil keep you regularly updated as soon as we find out anything further.

Abe Messiah the Xmas song?

This awesome song from the Tribe CD is getting regular airplay on radio stations throughout New Zealand and next week it is on the NZ on Air Hit Disk which means there is a disk with an elite group of officially recommended songs to get airtime on all NZ radio stations and it is featuring on the Xmas play list for several major radio stations.

Get a (down)load of this!

Don’t forget to keep looking out for the special web pages with downloads from the album and exclusive photos.