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News: 1st December 2000

Chat to Tribe your favorite Tribe III Characters

We hope you enjoyed meeting Jacob Tomuri – LIEUTENANT LUKE on the Bulletin Board early this week.

BIG NEWS!!! Michael Wesley Smith – (JACK) is appearing on the UBB next Wednesday NZ time. Check out the Tribeworld Talk page for times. AND … Nick Miller – (PRIDE) will also be appearing on the UBB on Friday NZ time.

A few surprises in store before production finishes…Keep watching for announcements on the next of your favorite Tribe Characters to appear live for chatting on the UBB.

Tribe III end of Production coming soon

Just as Series III gets into the third week on air on Channel 5 in the UK, Series III is almost ending its production time in New Zealand. Although Post Production (Editing/Music/Sound… basically putting it all together) will still be taking place several weeks after filming has finished.

There is less than two weeks left and the Cast and Crew are looking forward to their Xmas break.

During production there are approximately 200 people employed at Cloud 9 including drivers, caterers, makeup, wardrobe, photographers, camera, lighting crew, Administration, Production, Post Production, and of course not forgetting the Cast!

Cast and Crew photos for Series III were taken last week

Get a (down)load of this!

Don’t forget to keep looking out for the special web pages with downloads from the album and exclusive photos.

Tribe album sales and public appearances

The Tribe album “Abe Messiah” is continuing to sell well in stores right across New Zealand, we often get to hear Abe Messiah on the radio (which has been unofficially hailed as this years Xmas song) and The Tribe are still making public appearances and performances at NZ Xmas Parades, Gala Evenings, Charity Parties.

And the rest of the world? Stay tuned on your Guide News Page for details on when.

Special Needs Xmas Party – Cloud 9 prides itself on helping the children of the world, and so the Tribe appeared at a Xmas Party for the Special Needs Children on the 25th November at Queens Wharf in Wellington. Great fun was had by all, the tribe cast performed their routines and signed autographs for the fans there.

Westfield Shopping Mall – This time there was a special shopping evening where adults paid $5 to enter the mall (with proceeds going to the Variety Club Charity), there were big name NZ celebrities/Radio & TV Personalities including The Tribe Cast and they again performed some items off the album and were mobbed by fans to sign autographs.

Circa Gala Evening and Charity Auction- Tribe Fan Winner

Last week a gala evening and charity auction was held at Circa Theatre, a fantastic play which comically outlined the life and lives of a TV production kept the audience in fits of laughter. Present were local celebrities, corporate business people and best of all of course were the entire Tribe Cast.

A charity auction was held with some highly sought after sporting items, items from the world of Film and Television and a special Tribe Mystery Package from which $10,000 was raised with the proceeds go to the Cloud 9 Children’s Foundation.

Congrats to James Champion who bid very highly for the Tribe Mystery package, which on the face of it was a production callsheet. This shows movements and other details for cast and crew for a specific day on the Tribe. The best surprise of all was that along with this item was an all expenses trip to Europe!!!

Tribe Fan Winner Rebecca Hamlin from Invercargill had a fabulous night mingling with the Tribe Cast (and she stayed in the Cast house!). I believe while she was here she even got a pink Tribal hairstyle!