Jacob Tomuri (Lieutenant Luke) Audio Interview Exclusive

The Chosen… many chosen questions are answered by none other than Jacob Tomuri (Lieutenant Luke in The Tribe) in this audio interview! Quicktime Version Please wait a few seconds for the Quicktime audio clip below to start downloading – and crank up your volume!… Please note that this track is copyright © 1999 Cloud 9 … Continue reading Jacob Tomuri (Lieutenant Luke) Audio Interview Exclusive

Lieutenant Luke

Name Luke Series Series 3 Tribe The Chosen Biography On the outside, Luke is the Guardian’s deputy – it is he who disciplines the Chosen and carries out the Guardian’s orders. A believer in order and stability, Luke genuinely feels the new world can be made in a good and positive way by “power and … Continue reading Lieutenant Luke

News: 29th November 2004

Cast Birthdays! There’s quite a few cast birthday’s over the next couple of weeks! A big Happy Birthday to  Michael Wesley Smith (Jack) who turns 21 on December 2nd. And best wishes to Jacob Tomuri (Luke) who turns 25 on December 4th! Send them a birthday email and we’ll pass it on!michaelwesleysmith@entercloud9.com andjacobtomuri@entercloud9.com Christmas Special … Continue reading News: 29th November 2004

News: 1st December 2000

Chat to Tribe your favorite Tribe III Characters We hope you enjoyed meeting Jacob Tomuri – LIEUTENANT LUKE on the Bulletin Board early this week. BIG NEWS!!! Michael Wesley Smith – (JACK) is appearing on the UBB next Wednesday NZ time. Check out the Tribeworld Talk page for times. AND … Nick Miller – (PRIDE) … Continue reading News: 1st December 2000

News: 23rd November 2000

Tribe III nearing end of Production Just as Series III goes to air on Channel 5 in the UK, Series III is nearing the end of production in New Zealand. There are only a few more weeks left and the Cast and Crew are starting to plan their well earned Summer and Xmas break after … Continue reading News: 23rd November 2000