Lieutenant Luke

Luke Series Series 3
Tribe The Chosen


On the outside, Luke is the Guardian’s deputy – it is he who disciplines the Chosen and carries out the Guardian’s orders.

A believer in order and stability, Luke genuinely feels the new world can be made in a good and positive way by “power and chaos” – but deep down, Luke has doubts about the Guardian’s extremism and fanaticism – will he stay loyal to the “cause” or slowly drift away from the Guardian?

Cast Member

Name Jacob Tomuri Birthday 4th December 1979

Interests Jacob’s hobbies include martial arts, dance parties, painting, photography, theatre and anything relating to the arts.

Jacob has had roles in various productions. In 2000 he was a stunt performer in The Lord of The Rings.

He has had roles in film, television commercials and television drama. In 2000 as well as being a stunt performer and being Lieutenant Luke in The Tribe Series III he had a guest role in a film called Snakeskin.