Meryl Cassie and Megan Alatini in concert!

We have exclusive news that the wonderful Meryl Cassie (EBONY) and her real life (and on screen) sister, the lovely Megan Alatini (JAVA), are going to be performing live together this year in concert! Both Meryl and Megan are not only terrific actresses but are also very talented singers and musicians and the audience will … Continue reading Meryl Cassie and Megan Alatini in concert!

Tribe Spirit Video

A never before released (we believe) till now video of the wonderful Meryl Cassie (EBONY), Megan Alatini (JAVA) and Monique Cassie (SIVA) in the studio during recording of ‘Tribe Spirit’, one of the theme songs from The Tribe. Also includes footage from the series and clips of ‘Tribe Sister’ performing the song at a Christmas … Continue reading Tribe Spirit Video

Megan Alatini (JAVA) Video Interview!

In the chair it’s Megan (JAVA) answering questions in this video interview! 🙂 Quicktime Version Please wait a few seconds for the Quicktime video clip starts downloading. Download this Clip Please note that this track is copyright © 2002 Cloud 9 (The Tribe) Limited. It is only available for personal viewing on your PC and … Continue reading Megan Alatini (JAVA) Video Interview!

News: June 2007

Tribe wins best foreign series award! There was excitement for all the cast and crew last week when they were advised that fans in Sweden had voted The Tribe as the best foreign series in their SVT’s Bobsta awards. Caleb Ross, who plays Lex, and Joseph Crawford, who plays Darryl, accepted the award via a … Continue reading News: June 2007

News: 26th September 2005

Cast Birthday! Megan Alatini (Java) celebrates her birthday this Thursday 29th September. You can send your birthday wishes to Megan and we’ll be sure to pass them on to her. We’re sure she’ll have a fantastic day! The New Tomorrow The first episode of The New Tomorrow screened on Seven in Australia on 17th … Continue reading News: 26th September 2005

News: 22nd September 2003

Megan Alatini’s Birthday! It’s Megan’s birthday next Monday and the Cloud 9 team want to wish her all the very best for a fantastic day! You can send your birthday wishes to Megan (Java) by Tribe 6! Planning is underway for Tribe 6!! There’s lots to be done in the planning stage including budgeting, … Continue reading News: 22nd September 2003