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News: June 2007

Tribe wins best foreign series award!

There was excitement for all the cast and crew last week when they were advised that fans in Sweden had voted The Tribe as the best foreign series in their SVT’s Bobsta awards.

Caleb Ross, who plays Lex, and Joseph Crawford, who plays Darryl, accepted the award via a segment filmed in New Zealand.

Thanks to all the fans in Sweden who voted!

Dancing with Java

Megan Alatini who played Java in The Tribe has been displaying tremendous talents as a dancer during her participation in Dancing With The Stars in New Zealand. Megan proved she was a really popular choice with viewers and made the finals. In one of the closest contested finals, Megan was just inched out to become runner up to Suzann Paul. Many congratulations though to Megan for a wonderful achievement!

Award for Tribe member

Through the Cloud 9 Children’s Foundation there are many with Asperger’s Syndrome whom the Foundation has supported. The fans of The Tribe might have noticed a featured extra, Terry Shore, who has been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. Terry is an accomplished singer and regularly entertained the cast and crew on location as well as at various Christmas parties.

Terry’s passion is music from the 1980s and he has a DJ slot on Access Radio and his show was voted the best music series on Access Radio. So many congratulations to Terry Shore!

Lights, Camera, Action!

Cloud 9 is in a development phase on a portfolio of movies. This is a very exciting project in development but all we can say for now is it is very secretive and hush hush! Watch this space for more news!…
Stay Tribal and Keep the Dream Alive…