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News: July 2007

The Tribe Wiki

There is a lot of content on the Web about The Tribe and we have been impressed by the sheer amount of fan sites that have been created over the years – and the amount of hard work put into them. Thank you to everyone.

It has been drawn to our attention that there is a The Tribe Wiki being run on the popular service The creator of the Wiki has asked for help to create and grow the Wiki, which is in its early days, and if you are interested, why not visit the Wiki and add some content to it.

If you are not familiar with the term Wiki, it refers to sites such as Wikipedia where visitors to the site are able to create and edit content themselves. It’s linked in with the Web 2.0 movement which promises much greater interactivity as the web becomes more like application based and allows more things to be done than ever before.

We love the concept and spirit of Wikis – a technology that will allow fans to share a collective experience and for the community of Tribe fans to evolve the very nature and content of it as time progresses.

In many ways this is a concept with parallels to “The Tribe” itself – where the users of the Wiki will be creating a new world inspired by The Tribe!

So why not check it out and help build The Tribe Wiki? It is early days but if you get involved, you can be part of creating a new online community and its a great vehicle to harness the power of the changing Web and share data and information.

Perhaps one day there will be multilingual language versions of The Tribe Wiki reflecting the different countries where The Tribe is shown. It’s up to the people who visit and use the Wiki to edit and evolve the Wiki, so it will be interesting to see how it all develops,

You can visit the Tribe Wiki at The Tribe Wiki

Goodbye Tribe Talk, Hello Tribe Talk! is changing web hosts and this will necessitate a change in Bulletin Boards.

Since the very beginning of, we have wished in an ideal world for there to be a way for fans to communicate with each other and share a sense of community and since the launch of in 1999, there have been several generations of official Bulletin Boards.

In changing web hosts, we are unable to continue with the (at the time of writing) current Bulletin Board via and this will be closing permanently on Thursday 12th July 2007.

The good news is that there is a brand new Bulletin Board which is being hosted and you can from today (June 28th) register and join this new Bulletin Board.

So if you are already a member of, you can sign up on and start posting straight away and you can copy posts from the and paste them to the new

We would ask you to make sure you back up any posts that you feel are important because the Bulletin Boards are pruned to keep their size down, otherwise millions of posts would generatre over time and the forums would become slow and liable to crash.

We would like in an ideal world to have a way for the global community of Tribe fans to talk through a Bulletin Board and so are creating the new Board at to replace the old one at

The Boards are moderated but due to the sheer volume of posts, it is not possible to moderate all of the millions of posts that get posted so the Boards are in a way self-policing and we would ask users to have fun and enjoy the Boards but to be respectful to others and watch your language, there are users of all ages who visit.

If the Boards are abused by excessive spam/trolling then we will regretfully have no option but to pull them.

So we would hope the community of fans who enjoy visitng the official forums will continue to do so through the new and would remind you to save and back up any posts, and that the old Boards at will be going down on Thursday 12 July.

Thank you.

Stay Tribal and Keep the Dream Alive…