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News: October 2009

Happy 10th birthday: The Tribe is BACK on CHANNEL FIVE!

It is 10 years since The Tribe first hit screens around the world with its premiere on Channel Five in the UK, and to celebrate its 10th birthday, the series is going to be shown again on Channel Five in October!!!

Let’s party like its 1999! This is a chance to relive the unfolding drama, the challenges and crises that befall Amber, Bray, Lex, Salene and the rest of The Tribe as they strive to rebuild society in a world without adults.

When The Tribe was first aired it created a new and compelling programme which is still very much groundbreaking today, with themes that reverberate and characters that have become embraced by audiences worldwide.

So weekend traditions like the Sunday Roast, family get togethers, doing the housework, going to the movies, a walk on the beach, taking the dog out, doing homework (yuk!) – there’s the return of a tradition with the return on Five of The Tribe to UK screens! 🙂

You can follow the story and discover more about the characters in The Tribe here at Tribeworld, the official website – if you are a newcomer be careful though as there may be a few spoilers so browse carefully!

If you are a long-term fan or a newcomer, we hope you enjoy watching the show. The dream must stay alive!

You can also discover more about The Tribe at The Tribe Wiki

The Tribe is BACK – yay! 😀

Stay Tribal and Keep the Dream Alive…