Tribe News

News: 11th January 2001

Tribe Tour Exclusive News!

Did you know that members of the Tribe cast are going to be spending some time in Europe on a promotional tour soon?

Well they are! Yes, four members of the Tribe cast are going to be flying from New Zealand to Europe to have a tour around the different countries that show the Tribe, and they will be doing a series of interviews in newspapers, magazines, and on radio and television.

The Tribe has really become a massive hit around the world and the promotional visit by the Tribe cast members reflects this – and the demand for interviews and pictures from the media in different countries.

During the tour, members of the cast will also be making public appearances – and they look forward to meeting fans and members of the public in the different countries.

We’ll have more news on the itinerary and which places the Tribe cast are visiting soon – and we WILL reveal who the Tribe cast members are soon (but at the moment this is a secret!).

As you may know, in the middle of 2000 there was a tour to the UK and Europe by Caleb Ross (LEX), Meryl Cassie (EBONY), Dwayne Cameron (BRAY) and Michelle Ang (TAI-SAN)

Tribe in two museums?

Is it true? You bet’cha! The Tribe is so popular it is being studied in schools and colleges in the countries where it is broadcast – and it can now be seen in a museum!

On the weekend of 27th-28th January there is going to be a special “Tribe Day” at the national Te Papa museum of New Zealand in Wellington, New Zealand, that will celebrate the Tribe and look at the impact the series has made. There may even be an appearance by one or two guest stars…

AND there is an exhibit at the Dowse Museum in Lower Hutt, New Zealand, with costumes and props (and some cool photos) used in the series – and this Tribe exhibit runs until February 2001.

New and improved Tribe Talk!

From 10th January 2001 there is a new and improved Tribe Talk. It has the same look (and same posts) as the other Tribe Talk but some new features like:

1. A dictionary – so if you want you can coorrrecct aanny spppelllinngg errors

2. Images in posts – are now banned. Sorry but no “HTML” tag can be used in posts which means there can be no pictures posted (especially any rude ones!)

3. In the topic listed on the main forum pages, you can now see how many pages of posts there are for the topic – and skip to a particular page (rather than having to scroll down loads and loads of posts inside a topic!)

Hope you like the new UBB – we try our very best to make Tribeworld be as good was possible!

Tribe album and book

The first Tribe album “Abe Messiah” is doing very well in shops throughout New Zealand, the first country in the world where the album has been released. So if you haven’t yet heard it and you are a Kiwi living in NZ (where the Tribe is filmed of course) then why not pop to a music shop today and check it out?

And the first Tribe novel “Power and CHaos” is also doing extremely well. The first print run has sold out so publishers Random House are doing more print runs to keep up with demand. This fabulous book based on The Tribe can be found in all leading good book shops and stores.

Tribe Talk message about the Special USA Talk forum

The “Special USA Talk” forum will cease to exist on Monday 15th January. This is because the forum was intended as a temporary one for US fans to have the themed USA chat on December 4th that launched Series 2 in the USA on WAM!

We WILL be archiving/saving the cast interview topics so they can be read in the future but all other topics will disappear forever!

So if there is anything you want to save then it is a good idea to copy and paste onto your hard drives.

Remember – 15 Jan 2001 is the day the entire Special USA Talk forum will disappear and be replaced by an “Archive” including cast appearance topics.