Tribe News

News: 18th January 2001

Tribe Album News Update

Listen… it’s a Tribal sound that is going to get louder and louder this year. The sound is the Tribe album and 10 fantastic songs!

New Zealand is the first country in the world to experience the album and it has been a big success.

2001 is the year when the Tribe album will be released in the UK and Europe – and possibly the USA later on?

There is much anticipation and demand for the album – so much so that members of the Tribe cast (to be announced shortly) are going to the UK and Europe on a massive promotional tour where there will be live public performances and appearances, interviews.

CDs are being made as we speak (or as we write!) and we promise we will advise you as soon as we can as to dates for the album release in different countries – and more info about the Tribe tour!

The word “old” does not apply here – but the word NEW sure does!

It is a Tribal world after all

The Tribe has spread around tv channels throughout the world like a wild fire – and there are more countries going Tribal! Welcome to you all!

Switzerland and the Ukraine are going to broadcast The Tribe and Series 2 is going to be shown in Eire and New Zealand! You can actually catch Tribe Series 2 in New Zealand on TV3 in a week or so!

And even more countries are going Tribal – we’ll have more accouncements soon!


The new Tribe Fanzine is going to be online in a few more days!

There are going to be some brand new sections which we hope you will enjoy.

The Fanzine will also change format from being a monthly event to a bi-monthly event – so the first issue of 2001 is a January-February issue and it is packed FULL of stuff! So keep an eye out in the next few days…

Tribe Talk

There are three new sections each with a regional Tribe twist – USA/Canada, UK/Europe, and Oceania/Australia.

The idea here is to provide forums so if you want to talk about more localised or regional aspects in the world where you live then you can – but if you want to keep chatting about more general stuff in places like Tribe General Chat then please keep doing so!


What is NATPE? It is a television festival for tv companies in North America held in New Orleans in January – and members of the Cloud 9 team and its distribution arm, Cumulus Distribution, are attending the festival this weekend where they will be talking about The Tribe, Cloud 9’s brand new series “Atlantis High” and other programmes!