News: 12th April 2001

Fantastic updates to come from Meryl Cassie and Caleb Ross Today Meryl Cassie (EBONY), Caleb Ross (LEX) and Antonia Prebble (TRUDY) came to Cloud 9 Studios for a promotional shoot. It was filmed on an almost overcast day (because winter is on its way in NZ) out by the pool. It was great to hear … Continue reading News: 12th April 2001

News: 21 December 2000

END OF PRODUCTION TRIBE SERIES III The Post Production crew continue to work long after filming has finished. There are lots of things to be done before it hits the TV screens. They will be working at Cloud 9 to finish Tribe III approximately two months after production finished. HOT OFF THE PRESS! Tribe Marathon, … Continue reading News: 21 December 2000

News: 15 December 2000

END OF PRODUCTION TRIBE SERIES III The Post production crew are hard at work with editing (Sound, Music, Dialogue, Atmos and Effects). This goes on for several months yet. Battle of the sexes, TORI comes up trumps Every morning last week Victoria Spence – SALENE, was a guest on the More FM Breakfast radio show … Continue reading News: 15 December 2000

News: 9th March 2000

Hi everyone There’s heap s going on at Cloud 9 at the moment. For starters the Tribe Fanclub has just hung up the phone from speaking to Caleb Ross! Yes that’s right Caleb Ross, Lex. LEX!!! On the UBB Caleb has agreed to an exclusive appearance on the Tribe Ultimate Bulletin Board next week. He … Continue reading News: 9th March 2000

News: 4 October 1999

THE TRIBE AND TIME OFF On the weekend, Sarah Major (PATSY) and Jaimee Kaire-Gataulu (CLOE) flew to visit their families. Victoria Spence (SALENE) enjoyed a visit from her parents who flew to the Cloud 9 production centre and stayed the weekend nearby. The other members of cast relaxed over the weekend and enjoyed a concert … Continue reading News: 4 October 1999