Tribe News

News: 24th October 2000

Where is the Tribe??

The Tribe is having one last weekend off TV3, and will be returning from October 28th onwards for the rest of the year until the end of Series I.

We would all like to wish Norm Hewitt (Captain) and the Wellington Lions all the very best for the Rugby Finals in the NPC (National Provincial Championship) against Canterbury on Saturday.


TRIBE III to TV Screens

The countdown is on for the UK viewers of Tribe III. Episode Tapes have been sent from the Cloud 9 office to Channel 5Š.so it’s all raring to go!!!

There is less than two months left of filming for Series III and the cast and crew have been working very hard to ensure that this keeps to schedule.

This week though is a downtime week so they can all refresh and remotivate themselves for the last few months. The only ones left in the Cloud 9 office are the ‘elite’ few!!! (some admin/accounts/publicity people!)

Channel 5 Winners coming to NZ

This Saturday the Channel 5 winners are coming to NZ and the Cloud 9 Studios. I bet they’ll have some stories to tell of their adventures and meeting up with their favorite characters. They even get to stay a few nights in the cast house!!!!! Imagine that??!

Power & Chaos

The book has been selling well in the NZ shops. If you can’t get to a book store and still would like to purchase a copy of Power and Chaos email the Tribe Fanclub for details on ordering the book at this address, (don’t wait till after XmasŠthey would make fantastic pressies)

It has been getting great reviews too, QUOTE “Childrens’ Book of the Year winner Paula Booch has hit the jackpot with Power & Chaos!” (The Sunday News, October 15th 2000)

The booksigning at Dymocks bookstore was a huge success with Zoot, Jack, Ellie, Alice, Ebony and Paula Booch being present. There was lots of interest in the recent ‘Splash’ page of the booksigning photo.

Cloud 9 Women’s Golf

Cloud 9 are currently involved with the richest sporting event New Zealand has even seen. If you would like to find out more about this women’s golf event you can listen in to the Golf Infoline on (64) (4) 577 1918.