Tribe News

News: 30th October 2000

Tribe CD Release

One more week until the official release in New Zealand of the Tribe CD. For the New Zealand fans out there, if you want to hear the singles ‘Abe Messiah’ or ‘You belong to me’ on your local radio station, ring up and request it!!

Where is the Tribe on NZ TV??

The Tribe is having another weekend off TV3, and will be returning from November 4th onwards for the rest of the year until the end of Series I.

And on the NZ topic – Congratulations to Norm Hewitt and the Wellington Lions for winning the Rugby Finals in the NPC (National Provincial Championship) against Canterbury. “True Champions”

TRIBE III to TV Screens

The countdown is on for the UK viewers of Tribe IIIŠless than a month to go!! Look out for November 18.

Channel 5 Winners coming to NZ

Channel 5 winners had a fantastic and fun filled week at the Cloud 9 studios. They had good look around the various sets and locations for The Tribe, enjoyed meeting (and staying in the Cast house) with their favourite Tribe characters. Look out for a web page with more detail about their visit. The documentary of their visit will be shown at the end of the year on Channel 5.

National Children’s Day/The Big Halloween and The Tribe

The Tribe were a huge hit at the National Children’s Day celebrations at the Queens Wharf Events Centre in Wellington. It was a Big Halloween Party ultimately to raise funds for various charities. An estimated 7000 people were there for lots of fun and games which included coming in the best Halloween costume, scary forests, stalls, and different activities. Of course a feature were The Tribe cast who were signing lots of autographs. Check out the Worldview Halloween page for what the cast get up to on Halloween. Be sure to visit the Download part in the Club Section for the most fantastic Scary Tribe photos.

Tribe hotline

Check out the Tribe hotline 0064 4 567 6789, (kids check with your parents first before making a long distance toll call, normal toll charges apply.) Vanessa Stacey – ALICE, keeps you up to date with all the latest happenings in Tribe land.

Cloud 9 Women’s Golf Classic

Don’t forget about the Women’s Golf Classic, there are some Big names being part of this, for all the latest news check out the hotline on 0064 4 577 1819.