Tribe News

News: 4 October 1999


On the weekend, Sarah Major (PATSY) and Jaimee Kaire-Gataulu (CLOE) flew to visit their families.

Victoria Spence (SALENE) enjoyed a visit from her parents who flew to the Cloud 9 production centre and stayed the weekend nearby.

The other members of cast relaxed over the weekend and enjoyed a concert with Alanis Morisette, who is on a round the world tour and stopped off in Wellington.

The Tribe partied until the late hours at a nightclub with their chaperone and houseparent teams on Saturday evening.

On Sunday, there was yet another party – to celebrate the 18th birthday of Daniel James (ZOOT) – so Happy Birthday wishes to Daniel, who thanks everybody for the birthday wishes he received from fans – and he will try to reply to as many as possible – in the meantime, he would like to thank you all again!

For fans of Bob the dog – he has been staying with the Executive Producer and his family, who report that Bob was stopped and recognised several times on the weekend during his walks and exercise and it seems that the Tribe is fast becoming a huge success and landmark series, attracing more and more fans.


Fans of the website – and especially Tribe Talk – will soon be able to chat with Tribe fans in America! The Tribe has been acquired by Encore, and we will post details of transmission, which is scheduled for later this year.


We will also post details of other countries who will be transmitting The Tribe, from Israel to Holland to Vietnam to Poland and negotiations will be concluded this week at the MIPCOM television festival in Cannes in France for a range of other countries who have expressed an interest to acquire The Tribe, and so overall the world really is going Tribal!!.


We have been authorised to reveal that Tribe Series 2 will be transmitted in mid-November this year – which means fans in Britain will only have to wait a couple of weeks between the end of Series One and the beginning of Series 2.

The series has almost tripled its ratings in the UK and Channel 5 are very pleased with the result, so much so, that by popular demand they have decided to bring the series transmission forward from January 2000 to November 1999!


We have been authorised to reveal that the response to the Latest News of last week (week 8 of series 2 from Monday September 27th) was overwhelming – especially the information about the back-story when your favourite characters attended school and the series examines life prior to the demise of adults and the arrival of the mysterious virus.

Fans will be interested to know that further back-story episodes are being planned in series 2 and that Zoot will feature, so that all the storylines are fully understood via this unique and exciting – periodic – prequel.

We have been inundated with requests for more information on The Guardian and The Chosen Tribe, but are unable to reveal more details at this time. We have, however, been authorised to reveal that The Chosen are inspired by the word of Zoot and that the Guardian was a friend of his at school (fans will certainly enjoy the episode where Martin evolves into the persona of Zoot, which is witnessed by Jaffa, who in series 2 adopts the persona of The Guardian to carry out the vision of his close friend, Zoot).


As the millennium approaches, the Executive of Cloud 9 have agreed to conduct a specialty quiz whereby the first three lucky winners to answer the question will receive a copy of the promotional reel which is being shown at the MIPCOM television festival in Cannes – and is a real collectors’ item and limited edition in the truest sense.

QUESTION: Where will the first light of the Millennium fall on planet Earth on January 1st 2000?

A clue… This is within New Zealand and its territories.

Please check the website for further details because there is an exciting link to this question which will be revealed in due course and which very much features The Tribe in millennium celebrations which will be broadcast throughout the world.


Ebony is coming to get ya!

Meryl Cassie will be the next member of cast to appear live and exclusive for fans on the Bulletin Board. So start posting your questions now! Meryl is willing to answer any information you require from details of her fashion and make-up to her relationships with other cast members, to what is it like starring in The Tribe – and leading the Locos.

The production team are still working out production schedules but we thought you would wish to know in advance that Meryl will be appearing.

Please check the Cloud 9 section on the Forum Index of the Bulletin Board for announcements when Meryl will be appearing.

Details should be posted within 24/48 hours.


Finally. The arrival of the new Tribeworld website is imminent.

The countdown is on.

When you visit in the very near future, we know you will be presently surprised to find yourself in the midst of the new website, which will house all kinds of exciting information on The Tribe.

Thank you for your patience.

Keep the dream alive…