Michael Wesley-Smith (Jack) on Romance

Who would be your ideal celebrity date?

Michael – Roseanne….no, Britney Spears

Sum up why someone would want to go out with you

Michael – Because I’m desperate. No, I don’t know why anyone would go out with me.

What is the most romantic thing you have ever done?

Michael – I don’t really know.


What is your worst dating crime (most embarassing)?

Michael – I forgot my Ball dates name momentarily when introducing her to my headmaster.

Are you romantic?

Michael – Um, don’t really know.

What lengths would you go to win a girl/guy?

Michael – Depends on the situation. If I really loved her I’d probably do anything.

What would your ideal evening be with a loved one?

Michael – In bed. No, dinner on a boat at night.

Have you ever had any rumours spread about you and romance?

Michael – Apparently Britney Spears likes me or something silly like that.

What was your first ever date?

Michael – Can’t really remember.

Do you go Dutch or insist on paying?

Michael – If she’s rich, she can pay. I don’t mind being a house husband.

At what stage in a relationship do you take a partner to meet your parents?

Michael – Don’t know, never gone out with someone that long.

Do your parents or mates influence your decision in the type of person you go out with?

Michael – No


Do you have a current partner?

Michael – No