Tribe News

News: 10th October 1999

EXCLUSIVE – Worldwide premiere of The Making Of The Tribe Documentary

For fans in the UK, we are pleased to advise that Channel 5 will be broadcasting the Making of The Tribe Documentary at the end of this month!

This is a special behind the scenes look at how the Tribe is made, and fans will enjoy this never seen before footage and interviews with the cast and Cloud 9 team.

For fans in other countries, keep checking the website for further details of transmission dates in your own particular country.


We have been advised that The Tribe was a huge hit at the MIPCOM television festival in Cannes last week in the South of France, and will be shown in several new countries.

So the world really is going Tribal!!

Fans will be pleased to know that along with Series One which is currently being transmitted in several countries – and Series 2, which is now in production – that Series 3 of The Tribe is already being planned!


We have been advised by the design team that the new Tribeworld website (with the current address – will be online very soon.

The designers are running through the final checks right now. The new website will be really huge and is packed with brand new sections – there are literally thousands and thousands of links involved and the design team want to make sure everything runs smoothly for fans worldwide. So not long to go now – when you access Tribeworld in the near future, you will see some surprises…


Members who have joined the Official Tribe Fan Club should receive their first Tribe goodies in the next week or so if they have not yet received them.

The first goodies include some postcard pictures of the cast, exclusive Tribe Fan Club membership cards, and the first Fan Club newsletter.

A Tribe Fanzine is now being created and this will be sent out to fans – for free – in about a month’s time.

As a bonus prize, 25 random members have been picked out to receive autographed postcard pictures by members of the cast!

We hope you enjoy the first Tribe goodies for now. The Fanzine will follow soon.


On Monday 11th October at 19.45 pm UK time, Meryl Cassie (EBONY) gives a live and exclusive appearance on Tribe Talk to chat with fans worldwide.

Please note for fans in Finland that due to the time difference this is 21.45 pm FINLAND time on Monday 11th October.

For fans in New Zealand, this is Tuesday 12th October at 07.45am due to the time difference.

So if you want to know what’s it like to lead the Locos – to be Zoot’s girlfriend – and to be in The Tribe, Meryl Cassie (EBONY) is Tribe Talking!