Tribe News

News: 18th October 1999


The recording of the first Tribe music album enters its final week this week in New Zealand. The songwriting-producers John William and Matt Prime are due to fly out from New Zealand at the end of the week and are having final recording sessions during breaks in the production schedule with cast members to complete the songs on the album.

The six weeks previous have been tremendously productive and there are some wonderful songs on the album. All the music tracks for each song need to be mixed and some of this will be done in London. John Williams and Matt Prime also plan to return to New Zealand in the near future for final mixing. The cast have really enjoyed recording and can’t wait to hear the results as the songs move through the next stages toward being completed!

We will advise about a release date for the Tribe album as soon as we can – this will be in the year 2000 (but we will provide regular updates on the main website before then).

We also hope to offer some downloads with previews of music on the Tribe album – and the music videos that were made in New Zealand a few weeks ago – as well as other music from the series and the theme tune “The Dream Must Stay Alive” – this will all be accessible through Tribe Store on the website and members of the Official Tribe Fan Club will have special offers – more details to follow in the first Tribe Fanzine.


Channel 5 have now broadcast up to episode 51 of the first series of the Tribe – and there is one more episode to be broadcast, with episode 52 coming your way on Saturday 23rd October at 17.25 pm.

But that’s not all?

Series 2 of the Tribe starts in the UK in November this year. As soon as we have information about transmission dates and times then we will advise here on the main website.

Channel 5 will also be repeating episodes from series 1 in the near future – again, more info to follow.

And Series 3 of the Tribe is now being planned.


We are pleased to confirm details that Channel 5 will be broadcasting the Making of the Tribe documentary on Sunday 24th October at 17.20 pm.

The Making of documentary has a unique look at how the Tribe is made – the process and issues involved, as well as secrets from the production.

There are also interviews with the cast about themselves and their characters – as well as never before seen pictures.

Members of the Official Tribe Fan Club are able to buy the Making of documentary in an exclusive Fan Club only edition – details are in the first Tribe Fan Club newsletter that members receive.


We are delighted to announce some news about Tribe Series 2 – it’s coming your way!

YLE TV1 will be showing series 2 of the Tribe in the near future. As soon as we have more details about a broadcast date and time we will advise news here on the main website.


Following the MIPCOM television festival earlier this month in Cannes, we have been authorised to reveal that The Tribe is going to be broadcast in several new territories including Germany, Norway, Ireland and Iceland!

Cloud 9 (makers of the Tribe) are in negotiation with several broadcasters who are interested in acquiring the Tribe in other parts of Europe, Japan and Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.

We would like to welcome new fans who will be joining around the world and who may be chatting soon on Tribe Talk.

More details to follow soon.


Most members who have joined the Tribe Fan Club in the past four weeks or more should now have received their first Tribe goodies – if you have not yet then please rest assured that they will arrive very shortly.

The Official Fan Club would like to thank members for their patience – we were inundated by new members and this caused any delays you may have experienced, but with new extra support on the team this will not happen again!

The first Tribe Fanzine will be sent out and members should receive this in mid-November.

We need you! And your photos!

There is a section on the Fanzine that will be publishing pictures of Tribe fans worldwide. So if you have dressed up as Lex, or had your hair done like Amber – and have a photo – then please send it to us and it might be shown in the first Tribe Fanzine! Everyone who has their photo published will receive some autographed prizes.

We have already received some photos and thank you for sending them! If you want to send photos and haven’t yet done so, then please send them so we receive them by the end of October. The Official Fan Club address is on the newsletter in the first goodies members receive.


The new bigger and better Official Tribe Website will be online soon. This is about three times as big as the existing site (!) and there are new sections and loads of new things for fans to do.

The website is in the final stages of testing to make sure everything works smoothly and once this is done, it goes live!

As a sneak exclusive..

The new Tribeworld website will offer a free email service of its own so fans will be able to have an email address ending in!

So you might have – or choose a different user name – whatever you like – and it is free! More details will be on the new site as soon as it is live


Many of you have worked hard and set up your own Tribe websites. We estimate there are several hundred websites by fans already – and well done to you all as the cast and Cloud 9 team appreciate all the support and feedback in The Tribe.

There will be a new section of links on the new Tribeworld that has links to fans’ websites.

If you have a Tribe website and would like to put it forward for a link then please email us with your URL to the email address

We will try to put in your URL address on the new website if we receive submissions in time when the new site goes live – if your address does not appear when the new site goes live then don’t worry, the section will be updated with new fans’ Tribe sites regularly as new sites are going up all the time!

All we ask is that in return you have a link back to the Official Tribe website on