News: 30th June 2003

Fanclub Competition – We have winners! Congratulations to the winners of our Fanclub Competition! We asked you “What name was RAM using when he first arrived in Liberty?” The answer was – Gabe The Big winner was – Patricia van der Heyden of The Netherlands. Patricia wins a signed series 4 and 5 postcard set in … Continue reading News: 30th June 2003

News: 18th April 2002

The Winner of the BEST FANSITE 2002 Tribe Red Dragon – We had hundreds of entries for Best Fansite 2002 and Tribe Red Dragon was the most popular followed closely by Caleb Congratulations Tribe Red Dragon – the Tribe is obviously a fantastic hit in the U.S.A!! What do you like best about the … Continue reading News: 18th April 2002

News: 25 October 1999

DO YOU HAVE A QUESTION OR WANT TO KNOW SOMETHING ABOUT BRAY (DWAYNE CAMERON)? Well, do you? Now’s your chance! Dwayne Cameron (BRAY) will be giving an interview shortly to a member of the Cloud 9 team that will be recorded and available as a download on the new Tribeworld website (now in the final … Continue reading News: 25 October 1999

News: 18th October 1999

TRIBE ALBUM UPDATE The recording of the first Tribe music album enters its final week this week in New Zealand. The songwriting-producers John William and Matt Prime are due to fly out from New Zealand at the end of the week and are having final recording sessions during breaks in the production schedule with cast … Continue reading News: 18th October 1999